New Music: Busta Rhymes – ‘Twerk It’

Twerk It

With summer around the corner, Busta Rhymes and Pharrell give the ladies something to move to with their new club banger “Twerk It.” Over a bombastic beat from The Neptunes hitmaker, Bussa Buss raps in a Jamaican patois. Blast off with the dynamic duo.


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  1. jaywillTM

    I am so lost… So, I’ll just say, “Oh! Okay!”


  2. Zave

    this is hot yo


  3. Ice

    This song embodies everything that is wrong with music today. Shallow lyrics promoting skanky booty popping and electronic productions that sounds like robot sex.


  4. bar

    hotness and i like the cover art..i cant believe romeo miller went out without wearing boxers..he has a big mean just google kelsnetwork





  6. Naption New Music: Busta Rhymes – ‘Twerk It’ » Naption

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  7. Miszi

    I don’t like the song but the beat is really cool. I hoped for some sort of switch up after the chorus though.


  8. Jay-Me

    What the hell? Mariah’s patois is better than Busta’s. Love the beat though.


  9. Jay

    Oh lord… Save us


  10. bibi93

    Good Busta


  11. Kim Enlow

    Man dis song is shiznit! Bussa Buss keep reppn Big Homey!


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