will.i.am Performs ‘Bang Bang’ on ‘American Idol’


Before another contestant was eliminated on “American Idol,” will.i.am performed “Bang Bang” off his new album #willpower and The Great Gatsby soundtrack. The Black Eyed Peas hitmaker stepped back in time for the roaring retro performance. Accompanied by a band, he dueted with a flapper girl and showed off his tap-dancing skills. Watch him set it off ’20s style.

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  1. truezander



  2. Natasha

    expected a lot worse


  3. Chillout

    Ok real talk I’m sick of dude. Ever since he traded his dreads for the Gumbi, he’s been doing the most! He makes the most generic, ridiculous pop songs, and he dresses like a Disneyland employee.


  4. bar

    so sad his album flopped..i cant believe romeo miller went out without wearing boxers..he has a big package..lol..i mean just google kelsnetwork


  5. Azebracuntnaj



  6. Gonko

    this was awesome gj Will


  7. hellioss

    The song is so-so but no one can deny that the guy always delivers on stage.


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  9. bobs

    Ugg.. wish someone would bang bang him once and for all…


  10. centrd

    are you all crazy? That was an awesome performance/production and Will.I.Am showed that his talent is even more far ranging than people knew. He’s a production genius, not to mention, people who actually know him says he’s one of the biggest hearted people in the Biz. A lot of people are where they are because of his generosity.


  11. rick

    the production, stellar, i give it all to will. to me it had references to the old black face productions of the 20s, but his talent overroad the rasist connotations related to blackface. i applaud him. the most fun i’ve had watching idol!


  12. ugdhziuahd

    waouw the tap dancing was so cute and charming



  13. bk

    cooooooooooool Will… that was actually hot.


  14. Isa

    Bo Jangles is back. Thanks so much Will


  15. pwheeler

    How fab is bang bang I’ve watched it over n over love the song dancing brilliant clothes are cool will is super cool he,s dope x


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