Rap-Up TV: Iggy Azalea Rides Elephant Through India in ‘Bounce’ Video

Iggy Azalea

With the ink still drying on her new deal with Island Def Jam, Iggy Azalea stopped by our Hollywood studio to discuss all the buzz surrounding her career and why she decided to sign with Def Jam over Interscope.

“Def Jam’s just always been my favorite team, and I love everybody over there,” the Aussie rap sensation tells Rap-Up TV. “They’re really young and energetic and you can tell when they’re passionate about the project.”

While she continues to promote “Work” as her first U.S. single, she recently traveled to Mumbai, India, to shoot a Bollywood-themed video for her next U.K. single, “Bounce,” calling the experience one of the highlights of her career.

“Shooting ‘Bounce’ in India was surreal,” recalls Iggy. “It’s just so crazy to dream something so big and actually see it happen.”

She imagined putting an elephant in the video, and she was able to make it happen. But it wasn’t an easy task.

“It took us a month to find it and we got it, and it was such a shit fight,” says the 22-year-old, who had to get the Indian mafia to shut down the street. “We just took this elephant and thugged it down the street, and it was insane.”

See Iggy’s dreams come to life when the big-budget video premieres next week.

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  1. Zave

    I love her and wish her success.


  2. Matt

    She’s comingggggg


  3. Drea

    Love her!!!!!


  4. TrinaFan

    I’m so excited for her as a fan who’s watched her grow so much. I remember watching Pu$$y thinking she was gonna be this hot mess rapper and I instantly fell in love. We deserves all her success!


  5. Still Amazin

    Tell yo female favorite rapper to step her game up & shoot a big budget video! Love Iggy man. I think this video is gonna get comparisons to Nicki’s “Pound The Alarm” & Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been?”


  6. Ryu

    Nicki’s career will be over soon.


    Oh Reply:

    @Ryu, It’s not over till she say it is. BOW DOWN BITCH


    E. Reply:

    @Oh, F*CK NICKI !!!
    No one should bow to trash. BITCH


    nicko Reply:

    @Ryu, iggy is trash .. Nicki’s sold 5 million albums and 30 million records in the US. nobody can stop her career . SMHH delusional iggy fans


  7. kate

    hate her


  8. Pereezy YMCMB.MMG

    Ohhh Iggy I Love you so Much.
    I Wish Good Luck and Success


  9. k

    wish her all the best.


  10. wonderland19

    2013 is a big year for this chick.


  11. Jay

    I love me some Iggy and I love that accent man!!! I could just listen to her talk. ha She is definitely a sexy woman. I’m pumped to see this video!!!! :)


  12. SummerBlues

    I’d like to ride her through India.


  13. kate

    bitch so white she c-thru


  14. BeyHive

    She Gorgeous Wish her the best!


  15. Random Person

    Everything she said about Def Jam (Island Def Jam), Amerie said also the exact same thing back in 2009. LMAO it’s like Iggy took her same quote “the team is young, energetic…” – and look how she ended up. I hope Iggy will succeed tho


  16. Huh

    “Mumbai, India”? That’s like saying “LA, USA” lol! Why did you skip the state? And we know where Mumbai is.

    And “a Bollywood-themed video”? Just because she’ll wearing South Asian clothes and filming in Mumbai doesn’t make it “Bollywood-themed.” It’ll be Iggy themed.


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