Tyler, the Creator Defends Controversial Mountain Dew Ad

Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator is no stranger to controversy. But the Odd Future rapper is making big headlines this week after a commercial he directed for Mountain Dew was deemed “racist” and pulled from the Internet.

The controversy was sparked in part by Syracuse University professor Dr. Boyce Watkins, who called the online ad “arguably the most racist commercial in history.”

In the 60-second spot, a battered white woman is asked by a police officer to identify a suspect out of a lineup of black men that includes members of Odd Future and Trash Talk, along with Tyler’s character, Felicia the Goat. Some viewers took offense to the ad, noting that all the suspects were black and all of the cops were white.

Tyler defended his art in an interview with Billboard. “There’s no type of hate being portrayed in that work of art at all—which I’m confused by,” he said. “But this older black dude, Dr. Boyce Watkins, I guess he found it racist because I was portraying stereotypes, which is ridiculous because, one, all of those dudes [in the lineup] are my friends.”

He continued the conversation on Twitter. “This Man Keeps Bringing Up Black People. STOP! Everything Does Not Have To Do With The Color Of Skin. How Do You Think Like That?” he tweeted. “Some People Keep Feeding Into This Racism Cycle That They Claim They Are Trying To Rid From The World… Yeah Right Dr.”

Dr. Watkins posted a 22-minute video sharing his thoughts. “I refuse to hate or fight this dude. I would gladly support him in his deal with Mountain Dew as long as there is adequate oversight,” he said. “When u put images in media, u have to think about the images u send out. Black kids don’t need to be further brainwashed into criminality.”

Mountain Dew has pulled the ad, which was never intended to air on television. “We apologize for this video and take full responsibility,” the company said in a statement. “We have removed it from all Mountain Dew channels and Tyler is removing it from his channels as well.”

Tyler has directed at least one more commercial for Mountain Dew, but it’s unknown if it will see the light of day.

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  1. Breeangel

    Shame on everyone involved with “creating” this despicable commercial.


    Bradley Reply:

    @Breeangel, sad that you can’t watch a commercial and accept it for what it is, and just enjoy it. Stop getting offended by things that aren’t offensive in the first place.


    truth Reply:

    @Bradley, …………your comment says a lot about your character and honestly its quite sad.



    @truth, you’re all sad though. its just a commercial.


    truth Reply:

    @@SLICKERTHANSLY, its not just a commercial and you know it.


    Robert Reply:

    @Bradley, and who says that it is enjoyable? It can be seen, not only as racist, but also as a crappy commercial. Lets put a bunch a emo white boys in hoodies in a line up because we all know they’re gun-happy.


  2. TrinaFan

    Hahahahahahhaha hahaa love it!


  3. Veggitate

    Why don’t these big business do their research before they hire certain people for endorsements. They should’ve known how Odd future rolls before hiring them.


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  5. MSD

    ross, wayne & now tyler



    This is dumb. The commercial is hilarious.


  7. wonderland19

    Tyler has no brains at all. He needs to read a book and go back to school. However, do you know who is even more stupid? Mountain Dew for hiring Tyler to direct the ad.

    The blind leading the blind.


  8. Karma

    They dropped wayne, so you are up next tyler lol


  9. ugdhziuahd


    if i was ONLY white boys, nobody would say anything


    truth Reply:

    @ugdhziuahd, no matter what color, the overall concept was despicable….. and incorporating violence against women made it equally wrong.


  10. ugdhziuahd



  11. iluvnicki

    I’m not a Tyler fan but what is up with these companies sponsoring these guys knowing their track record. Because everybody and their mama knows everybody in odd future are a bunch of fucking idiots.


  12. kelly

    I saw Tyler commercial as pure satire… Remind me of the boondocks


  13. Ice

    Blown out of proportion. Most people wouldn’t even think about racism the first time they watch it, I didn’t.


  14. golfwang97

    Well, as I fan of Tyler the Creator, a fan of the fellow Odd Future members, and a fan of Mtn Dew, I will say I PERSONALLY don’t have a problem with the ad. The way I see it, is although crude and off-color, the ad isn’t doing any harm. It does not portray any real racism as the men in the commercial are all Tyler’s friends, and the commercial is directed by the african-american Tyler himself. Honestly, I believe that the “battered woman” idea in the commercial is more offensive than some “stereotypes against blacks” by A BLACK PERSON HIMSELF. The commercial was clearly intended to be played for laughs, but I do see how it could be offensive to the general public. Although, I love Tyler, it was a bad move on PepsiCo’s part hiring him to direct commercials for Mtn Dew, seeing as he has so much controversy around him around similar things (particularly his “homophobic” and mysogynistic song lyrics, and the music video for his song Yonkers). I think they should keep the ad online, but not show it on TV. Online is uncensored, and to be frank, there are much worse commercials than this one, that you can find online. But I do feel like although the commercial doesn’t bother me, it IS just a little over the line to be played on national television, atleast before maybe 10 or 11pm when all the kiddies are still awake.
    Peace out.


  15. James



  16. James



    NEUTRON Reply:

    @James, EXACTLY. The goat kicked her ass in the first commercial and this is the aftermath.

    This society cries about the wrong things.


  17. Superiority

    This is ridiculous


  18. carlos

    The fact that these people are taking an advert about a talking goat that likes mountain dew seriously says a lot about how crap these peoples lives are


  19. Cherryfalls

    I see a lot of the people in these comments are one of two things. Either not black or a black person who lives in a fantasy world where no racism exists. I agree intially watching the commercial may not bring racism to mind. However, there are lots of people who do believe the stereotype that most black people commit crimes. Those types of beliefs are why people are racially profiled and discriminated against everyday. Images like that have to stop if this country is going to move past racism.


  20. Bell

    if the waitress had been black, that guy wouldn’t have said squat.


  21. Dylan

    Have you ever thought that maybe Pepsi didn’t have your mindset of everything can be taken racistly? Well if you think about it you play to the stereotype that you insulted you were the one who noticed the stereotype? Do you think Mountain Dew should have said stop, put some random white guy in there so it doesn’t offend sensitive people like yourself? No, that is way worse than what they did in that video. They are also all his friends? Why don’t you critique Tyler on not putting any white people on the line and showing favoritism in his ads? Hmmm. Just to put it out there no one would have noticed hadn’t you pointed it out. Maybe PepsiCo said it was okay because they didn’t think anything was wrong with it they aren’t racist for not noticing a stereotype.


  22. Jessie

    I thought it was hilarious I mean the goat goat drank some MD, got addicted to it,the lady had wouldn’t give it up so he beat her up and she called the police who happened to be all white then they gathered suspects who happened to be all black I mean damnnnn the world has much bigger problems mfs ain’t got nothing ber to do


  23. johnny morales

    yeah this is funny.

    But you know what is even funnier.

    1/3 of ALL BLACK MEN will spend time in prison.

    1/3 of Black men will enjoy having CONVICTED FELON attached to their name, and get to check the box on job applications that asks if you have ever been convicted of a felony.

    Honestly no thinking person, knowing those facts could ever laugh at that commercial.


  24. Genie

    wait…I interpreted that an entirely different way. I thought it brought light to stereotypes and racism. White victim, white cops, they bring in all black suspects and a goat, The cop tries to lead the woman to pick one of the black men. Like, here you were, cop, thinking all the black men were bad only to find it was the goat (the symbolized white person) who you didn’t even think twice about because you feed into the “all black men are criminals.” stereotype.


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    Rap-Up.com || Tyler, the Creator Defends Controversial Mountain Dew Ad

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