New Music: Dawn Richard – ‘Army’


While she works on her second album Blackheart, Dawn Richard holds her fans over with some new music. The leader of the Hearts assembles the troops on “Army,” produced by Kev the Writer. Dawn effortlessly navigates the rocking beat with smooth precision while remaining in command.

Put your armor on and head to the front lines with Dawn.

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  1. Neiko

    Always a good moment when she puts out music!


  2. Michelle

    Yasssss Dawn!!! Slay. You always come through!


  3. Angie

    Dawn, I’m so proud of u for staying consistent!!!!! Amazeballs


  4. Redchainsaw

    Cool track, her songs are usually over produced


  5. BEYHIVE2013

    HOT, HOT, HOT! Dawn stays killing the game.


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  7. Devon

    Yas Dawn!


  8. Mykee

    I LOVE when she does music like this…she’s MADE for beats like this! The pop-synth stuff she does is hot, but this is HOTTER! :)


  9. RG2

    Dope as always. Dawn always puts out hot, meaning-worthy music.


  10. Brandon



  11. Kellie Ann

    This is simply amazing!!!!! Love the forward march vibe it exudes. I don’t know what she has been through, lately, but she is obviously tenaciously too strong to quit now! I love her drive, despite the stumbling blocks..cannot wait for the black heart album. On a side note, I am not seeing a lot of her and Drew anymore, but I won’t jump to any conclusions. After all, they have often referred to each other as sister and brother. So, who in their right mind would allow “forces” to interfere with a seemingly cohesive journey? Nonetheless, “YIN AND YANG”, your fans are waiting for you to get back in the lab and crank out some more hits! Nothing but honor to the both of you…LIEBE!


  12. Literati Rhapsody

    Ditto to what Kellie Ann said. Don’t know what’s up or not up w/Dawn & Dru but we are in desparate need of a Dawn & Dru track. All these others are cool but they are just not on like Dawn & Dru’s music together. I hope they workout whatever the issue is. Dru’s twitter said he just got his first studio space so congrats to him on that.But the Hearts need you Dru.


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