JoJo Performs ‘Like That’ and ‘Demonstrate’ for Rap-Up Sessions

JoJo and JinJoo

If you were left wanting more from JoJo’s Rap-Up Sessions, then you’re in luck. In addition to performing her Agápē mixtape single “Andre” and a mashup of Drake songs, the 22-year-old singer delivered something old and something new during the second half of her acoustic set.

Accompanied by guitarist JinJoo, she gave us chills with her sultry take on her Noah “40” Shebib-produced single “Demonstrate.” She also served up a rare treat for her longtime fans, performing “Like That,” the Ryan Leslie-produced cut off her 2006 sophomore album The High Road.

Watch JoJo go unplugged live from our Hollywood studio.

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  1. Syaheeran



  2. Dan

    Real raw talent! One of the best controlled emotional female vocals in the game


  3. DW



  4. Prettyboyflyod

    She still sucks stop dropping mixtape crap and doing other people songs. Make your own shit. Her career is still irrelevant hahaha.


    - Reply:

    @Prettyboyflyod, Boy bye!! Both of these are her songs. Stop hating


    Mi Reply:

    @Prettyboyflyod, if irrelevant is platinum albums & sold-out shows & box office movie hits under your belt and other artist studying your vocals b/c YOU ARE JUST THAT DOPE!… Then yeah she is irrelevant you hatin ass B*TCH!! that girl will out last all these flavor of the months. BET!


    chris_shorts` Reply:

    @Mi, u sound stupid her first two albums were certified platinum and gold not to mention singles as well …like what the fuck are u talking about


    Asa Reply:

    @Prettyboyflyod, um, she only drops mixtapes because her label is unable to release any albums and she can’t break free from the piece of crap.

    These are her songs. And considering all her career problems, outside of her control, is is very relevant. No other artist would be this beloved and followed with so many years passing without an album.


  5. Jay

    YES YES JOJO!!!! Girl can sing anything!!! CHILLS!!! You betta sang JoJo!!!!! :)


  6. JoJo Performs “Demonstrate” on Rap-Up Sessions - The Lava Lizard

    [...] Thanks Rap-Up! [...]

  7. Still Amazin

    Wish we got the video for Demonstrate. :( I love these live showings but where is her career going with these? #ConcernedFan


  8. Syn'ceRe

    My fav song “like that”!!!


  9. K3ndl3

    JoJo is being black balled by her label. Trust and believe if she had a real label backing her… we would have gotten a real Album, real video, etc. They are too broke to put out another album, but she’s signed to one more that she can’t get out of.


  10. jander salah eddine

    Hello! I’m just wanna tell you’re amazing and special singer for me and I love all your songs


  11. EL


    That’s one of my all-time fave R&B songs. Taking you back to 2006.

    Yes, JoJo!


  12. Akram Joseph

    Great Work as usual, Love you JOJO!!!!!!


  13. Mimi McKenny

    My idol killing it! She deserves to be on top of the charts again! Team JoJo always and forveaaaa♥


  14. Jaycortezz

    “Like That”
    Ive always wanted to hear her do this live.

    Im oh so in love with this woman. Words cant describe.. and “Demonstrate”.. mmm. Thats another story.


  15. JanetAoina

    Been a fan since day one. Love Jojo love her voice,dope songwriter,I know her album will drop just gotta be patient praying for her always #teamjojo -#boston


  16. Oh God Why

    Love JoJo, amazing voice. Just a shame (if it’s true) that her label is screwing her around. I remember the behind the scenes footage of Demonstrate posted here last year, and the Vid still hasn’t come out


  17. Kid Khloe

    Jojo, enough said *drops mic*


  18. chris_shorts`

    the sad part is its not ever her its the label


  19. WATCH: JoJo Performs for Rap-Up Sessions - Rated RnB

    [...] (Source: Rap-Up) Tweet TAGS » JoJo POSTED IN » Videos [...]

  20. Michael

    Fantastic voice JoJo,thanks Rap-Up for videos.


  21. ahmed

    jojo the best for ever (y)


  22. ahmed

    jojo my love


  23. RjAdE

    Loved you Joanna


  24. waynem bichano cedric

    i love all your songs and i like you!


  25. Thomaskincade



  26. sannah

    well i think she beautiful she can sing for defo and i dont think people should say shit to her cause she just the best and she know what she is doing love listing to her music she can wear what she likes and it looks well nice got fashion sense like the song baby its you and jumping trains and demonstrate i want jojo to come to my high school its a disaster that i cant meet you just like the song you wrote :[ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  27. Erin

    Just saw this.. wow. Raw talent unlike many of the auto-tuned “artists” these days. That voice is all her. Amazing.


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