Album Cover: Mac Miller – ‘Watching Movies With the Sound Off’

Watching Movies with the Sound Off

Mac Miller takes it all off on the cover of his sophomore album Watching Movies With the Sound Off. The tatted rapper sits against a red wall with nothing but a table covering his crotch.

The album is due June 18 featuring the single “S.D.S.” He will kick off “The Space Migration” tour with Earl Sweatshirt, Action Bronson, Chance the Rapper, and more on June 25.

What do you think of Mac’s revealing artwork? Sound off below.

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  1. Dan

    I’m more focused on the wall color…


    2bad2bme Reply:

    @Dan, my point exactly


  2. .,

    Album art of the year. How can you hate this


  3. Dan

    Apparently, Mac is watching movies with MORE than the sound off…


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  5. Nicky



  6. CrunkHam

    iWonder what the Clean Version of the Album will Look Like………………..


    Ryu Reply:



  7. tiago

    Smoke weed everyday.


  8. Glamazon

    Whats There To Cover


  9. smarto

    Dis cover is sooooooooo doped i luuuuuuuv d creativity wooooow


  10. Ursula

    Stupid. I guess this is what you do when you can’t rap and need attention.


  11. 420BlazeItFGT

    Yeh man dis right here is da shieeettt niggahhhh smokeee bluntzzz


  12. kate

    vienna sausage boy


  13. Random Person

    lmao @ his body color


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  15. Kyle

    The cover has a much deeper meaning than Mac just sitting in a chair naked.


  16. greg meyer

    The album symbolizes much more then you believe, many conspiracys are along the line with this image. But here is what it represents. Mac miller’s message in this album is the freedom of his music, he is entitled to it and he subliminally hints the fact he’s being told what he can’t and can speak about. Now he mentions that his life isn’t always about being faded like most rappers in the mainstream would tell you about, he wants to find and seek his truth. When he mentions “I’m free basin with free masons” He is stating the fact that he is doing drugs with “free masons” or snorting cocaine. A free mason is a highly secret member of a secret society such as the “Illuminati” or “skull and bones” that is why he is having this association with being a puppet and trying to escape from it with hints in his music, such as the battles between Satan and Jesus, what should he side with. The apple on the cover represent the fruit of god, god gave adam and eve all the food such as plants, and animals to survive. But not to eat the “forbidden fruit” Adam and eve then encountered satan, he persuaded the couple to eat the fruit, to believe in his truthful ideals and have “freedom” “salvation” and some form of enjoyment in life. Until then they ate the fruit. Mac miller is naked to represent and mock the fact he fell for this corrupt idea of supporting satanism in the music industry eating the fruit and salvation of being famous, thus the apple comes into play. Most people would call this, “Selling your soul to the devil” in the music industry, allot of artists will hint it. Now the flower vase, the white flowers are also biblical, the white lilies represent sobriety, awakening, peace, and love. The battle between good and evil is represented on this album as the angel in the corner is embraced to be watching Mac Miller on the album cover. Mac miller deals with staying sober in his music, awakening to the truth telling the truth. In his lyrics he states, “Like the JFK speech, They are trying to sacrifice me for my beliefs” Mac miller is limited to what he can say in his music. This album indeed is not that viral, and that’s a great benefit for him. And for the red background, that is self explanatory. Red walls represent, aggression, courage, passion, impulses, danger, and shame, and the fact red is a symbol for “evil” Now the album does explain the contrast between good and evil. He wants to seek the truth, be truthful, and stay away from these “bad influences” I loved the album, there was allot of meaning towards it. Or else mac miller would have wasted his time being naked with all this bigotry on his album, it has a meaning. Thank you.


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