Lil Wayne Still Plans to Release ‘Devol’ Album of Love Songs

Lil Wayne

Last year, Lil Wayne mentioned that he had an album of love songs called Devol in the works—and he hasn’t forgotten about it.

During an interview with MTV’s “RapFix Live” on Wednesday, Weezy revealed his plans to release it. “I do still plan on dropping that. I’m very excited about that album,” he told Sway Calloway.

Although there may be skeptics, he doesn’t care what anyone has to say. “I know ya’ll probably like, ‘I don’t want to hear no love songs according to [Wayne].’ But I’m talented. [Birdman] let me do whatever I want to do, so I’m putting that album out, ya dig.”

He previously explained the concept behind the album, which stands for “loved” spelled backwards. “It’s my version of love songs. And what I mean by my version of love songs is they’re not saying I love you,” he told MTV’s “Hip Hop POV.”

Wayne also confirmed that there will be another Big Tymers album. But instead of Mannie Fresh, Birdman will be joined by Drake and Wayne. A sequel to Baby and Weezy’s 2006 album Like Father, Like Son is also in the pipeline.

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  1. C94B

    I like Drake a lot, but to me no Mannie Fresh = no Big Tymers


    Shutterbug Reply:

    @C94B, CO-SIGN.

    Having the Big Tymers with no Mannie Fresh is like if U-God and Masta Killa did an album with just the two of em, billin’ just the two of em as “Wu Tang Clan”


    ColeSummmmmmer Reply:

    Co-sign 123674378459898045387942357845867%


  2. Dan

    How about that Carter V and retirement as promised instead?


    Wow Reply:

    @Dan, is it true that he decided not to retire? Oh God please make him retire. His music is TERRIBLE now.



    drake is better than lil wayne


  4. XO till we overdose...

    he’s trying to break the record for worst album ever. he has set the current record with his album rebirth. best of luck wayne! i’m sure you will outdo yourself!


  5. JB

    when he says he’s “talented” and “excited about the album” i hope he means he’s talented at sitting back and watching while DRAKE makes an album of love songs called devol


    A Bad Bitch Reply:

    @JB, LMFAO


  6. Pereezy YMCMB.MMG

    Bring it on!!! I Can’t wait


  7. TrinaFan

    This is my impression of the album. “I love that pussy. So pop that pussy. Pussy, pussy, pussy!”


    Andy Reply:

    @TrinaFan, exactly what I was thinking


  8. smarto

    So much masochist in here,but i promise u the tunechi dat swept ur feet yrs ago will do it again…….patience


  9. rubenescobedo

    hey this ruben can you call me At 323-216 8103


  10. Beyonce



  11. A$AP

    Rich gang…ill shyt!


  12. Tunechi

    Wow i cant believe the amount of haters in this page!! But what I dont get is if u think Wayne sucks why are you here reading about his new album? And btw if Wayne retires tha music game is over! Cuz I see all these new “Rapers” and they all talk about the same things.. And rap about buggatis.. Who owned the first buggati? Birdman And Wayne! Thank you im out!


  13. joka

    His last two album were amazing so I’m damn excited about this one


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