CeeLo Green and Juliet Simms Perform ‘Only You’ on ‘The Voice’

CeeLo Green and Juliet Simms

After taking a leave of absence, CeeLo Green returned to “The Voice” on Wednesday. The Lady Killer teamed up with Juliet Simms, runner-up from last season’s show and a member of Team CeeLo, for a duet of his single “Only You.”

They put a rock spin on the Skylar Grey-penned tune, backed by guitarists and violinists. His replacement Usher and Adam Levine were seen nodding along.

CeeLo’s new solo album is due in October, but first the new Goodie Mob album, Age Against the Machine, will drop on June 18.

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  1. Nicky

    First comment!


  2. truthseeker88008

    Wild Child! LOL! Upper middle class brat who still lives at home with mommy & daddy is more like it!. And let’s not forget that Juliet’s mommy & daddy are Jeff and Natalie Simms, two of Scientology’s biggest fundraisers. They’ve bankrolled her career from their Scientology commissions with the hope of a big payday so the Wild Child can be the next big Scientology’s celebrity spokesperson to help explain to the possible converts Scientololgy’s policy on forced abortion, family disconnection and everyone’s favorite intergalactic war lord, Xenu, who Scientologists believe is the root of all evil. Don’t believe me? Google it!


    Jacob Potter Reply:

    @truthseeker88008, oh my goodness, what an agenda you have. Lighten up, just enjoy the music


    Ceelo Reply:

    @truthseeker88008, Hmm, thanks for the info. that’s weird indeed.


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