Chris Brown Performs ‘Fine China’ for the First Time

Chris Brown

Chris Brown invaded the Bay Area during his appearance at WiLD 94.9′s WiLDJAM at San Jose’s HP Pavilion on Thursday. The blond singer, who shared the bill with Trey Songz and Macklemore, performed a full set of hits including his new X single “Fine China,” which he sang for the first time live.

He thanked Team Breezy for their support. “Sold out show tonight! I appreciate my fans. Hope y’all had the time of y’all life becuz I did!” he tweeted.

Chris will also play other radio station-sponsored shows this summer including Hot 97′s Summer Jam and Power 106′s PowerHouse.

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  1. aaliyah

    cant wait for him to preform at the billboard awards


    bobs Reply:

    @aaliyah, man he is so lame.


    #BEENTRILL Reply:


    His shit live, he can’t sing live… LOOOL


  2. 2bad2bme

    these youngins need to spend more time practicing singing live and performing more than getting into it with other artists…he sounds a mess


  3. wonderland19

    Chris, i love this song (Its up there with ‘Forever’) and thank you for singing this song live. But why was you sounding like your ex??? Those vocals were a HOT MESSSSSSSS!!! I rushed in here expecting you to kill it because you usual do but honey boo boo….. that was painful to listen. I know ‘Fine China’ is a hard song to sing but boi…..

    Please stay in the rehearsal studio, day and night so that you can do this justice at The Billboard Awards. Everyone will be watching if you can do this live. Don’t mess up. First part should be live vocals and the second with intense dancing.

    If he kills it at the awards, then it can defo be a top 10 hit.


    Sana Reply:

    @wonderland19, Well that ex has a ballad (stay) that went double platinum & received an A grade from billboard when she performed it live. While fine china is just a big flop all around so shut up.


    Darla Reply:

    @Sana, Swerve hoe. Fine China is climbing the charts the same way Kiss Kiss did, slow and steady and eventually taking the top spot. It’s already a top 40 on the Hot 100. Don’t sweat your weave out trying to play Breezy online lol. Everyone knows Rihanna can’t sing, hits or no hits. Breezy is an artist. A real one. WHo can dance his ass off


    GoHardOrGoHome Reply:

    @wonderland19, you better say that issssshhh again!!!!

    Chris Brown is very tanlented in both areas of dance and vocals, but that live performance was not the one!
    Practice makes perfect, so as you said, he needs to go back into the studio and practice the hell out of that sound, so he can do it the justice it deserves at the Billboard Awards.


    Wonderland19 Reply:

    @GoHardOrGoHome, !!!!!!


  4. wizdom972

    Definetely agree with u.
    I saw his show during his Carpe diem tour,
    i feel like he don’t want to sing anymore, he’s just moving his feets.
    He forget the fact that his fan fell in love with him in the first place, because of his voice, and not his steps.


    wonderland19 Reply:

    @wizdom972, Preach !!! I think he has realised that in his performances there needs to be a balance between the dancing and singing. When he gets that crafted, he will be untouchable.


  5. Kate

    Oh god how i hate you


  6. Wow

    His vocals are shot to ish. More than likely he’ll lip sync this at the billboard awards because he will be laughed at if he brings this to that televised stage. Sad thing is he really thinks he’s killing it. No ma’am. That attempt at a falsetto…..


  7. Diferente Mas Igual

    Obviously he sounds bad live. The original song is laced with auto-tune. Just notice everytime the falsetto notes come he lowers an octave… And he wasn’t dancing that hard. He sucks live, for now. But I’m positive he will change that. If he really aspires to be like MJ, we will see an evolution.


  8. Diferente Mas Igual

    Obviously he sounds bad, the original song is laced with auto-tune. Notice that when the falsetto notes come, he lowers an octave… And he wasn’t dancing that hard. In fact he wasn’t dancing at all. His vocals are really weak, and the loud backing track doesn’t help. But I’m positive he will change. I hope we’ll see an evolution… (he should focus less on the dancing and more on the vocals, or find a creative way to balance the two.)


    Ethan Reply:

    @Diferente Mas Igual,

    Actually, the original record is autotune free.

    But yeah let’s hope he gets it together before sunday


    KimIsTheQueen Reply:

    @Ethan, yeah I didn’t catch any hint of auto tune in the song. What I did catch is his subpar high pitch vocals on the audio/studio version. If we even want to call those notes high pitch. Not sure why he didn’t add studio affects as he’s done in the past because it almost makes the track sound unmastered.


    Diferente Mas Igual Reply:

    @Ethan, That track is laced with auto-tune or melodyne. You can hear it clearly on the falsetto notes.


  9. caribbean native

    omg chris is struggling to sing this track


  10. bapqtpie2004

    maybe he needs to lay off the cigarettes for a little while.


  11. bobs

    This beee-otch can’t sing and he beats women. = LOSER


    Viper Reply:

    @bobs, you’re a bitch


    Man Reply:

    Stop being a hater @bobs,


  12. lc

    not sound that bad, is a cellphone video. Wait to the Billboard awards and then judge.


  13. joseph

    he need stop drugs and cigarette


  14. Janae

    Damn. He dont sound that bad to me. I mean he was dancing alot before he sung the song so I can see how he can be out of breath. But he sound better than trey songz live. Now he straining to hit high notes


  15. EL

    I can barely decipher some of these comments.

    Have people forgotten how to express a complete thought through writing?


  16. Junior Wright

    Maybe you should check out my video on YouTube. Like Chris Brown as well as others, I aspire to be like MJ.


  17. Marcus

    It’s funny how most of his fans on here seem like the most idiotic people I would ever have the displeasure of meeting. The original song does indeed have a ridiculous amount of autotune, not to mention pitch editing, which explains why Chris struggles to hit the high notes (this is abnormally high for him, and he’ll destroy his voice if he continues) if you can’t hear any of these effects then you really need to just go and die, because the world doesn’t need fools like you wasting precious air. There’s no doubt he can sing, just less edited lower songs.


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