Video: Solange – ‘Locked in Closets’


Solange takes us on a fun and vibrant journey through Brooklyn in the mini music video for “Locked in Closets,” a cut off her EP True. She collaborated on the colorful visuals with Refinery29 and Absolut Tune as part of their “Free Spirits” campaign.

The stylish singer sits in front of a pink brownstone, bike rides through Gowanus Canal, and dances at a midnight party in the brief clip.

She is featured on The Lonely Island’s upcoming project, The Wack Album, due June 11. In addition to Solange, the comedic rap trio has collaborated with Pharrell, T-Pain, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, and Kendrick Lamar.

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  1. Fa

    She gives me life!
    The anti Beyonce!
    Praise the lord!
    Te new queen of cool!


    qwe Reply:

    @Fa, the anti beyonce? you fucking bitches are so god damn stupid i cant wait until you all kill eachother. dumb ass hoes


    Mr Nice Watch Reply:

    @qwe, breathe.


    TheQueenThatCould Reply:

    @qwe, it looks like someone has a personal problem…


  2. oh

    Solange got mad swag
    She feels more real than Beyoncé


  3. Kate

    Stop talking about beyonce !!! News is about solange ! Love her


    bEEzy69 Reply:

    @Kate, thank you


    QUEEN B Reply:



  4. wonderland19

    This girl has mad hair swag!


  5. 2bad2bme

    i love her style in music and how she incorporates it in her videos its so unique


  6. Dante

    reminds me of control by janet

    solange’s music is so great
    i wish she’d get more recognition for her talent


  7. qwes

    why are bitches so obsessed with comparing every god damn female to eachother? do you even enjoy music anymore? bunch of fucking scrubs


    deelee Reply:

    @qwes, well they are sisters……. i hope u know that lmao. but still, no comparisons needed. different lanes.


  8. Smack the shit outta you bow & arrow

    I cant believe people are still falling for this fake ass chick.
    Everything about her is fake.
    Trying to be all organic, free spirit and a flower child…but I know its all for image/publicity…she tried to go for the im opposite of beyonce stunt

    girl bye


  9. Mr Nice Watch



  10. melanie

    love her and love this song


  11. Solange 'Locked in Closets' Video: Official Mini Music Video | Shallow Nation

    [...] via [...]

  12. Ayhsa

    Cute style, a very average song.


  13. Random_person

    definitely more real than her sister,
    this is very artsy and cool, love the song!! and that whole EP


  14. Devon

    Solange is so amazing.


  15. Jay

    Solange beautiful and original as usual!! I love it!!! :)


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