Video: Florida Georgia Line f/ Nelly – ‘Cruise (Remix)’

Florida Georgia Line and Nelly

Nelly brings some hip-hop flavor to country duo Florida Georgia Line’s video for their top 10 single “Cruise.” While they may come from different worlds, the fellas share a love for fast cars and hot women.

The St. Louis MC, who collaborated with country superstar Tim McGraw on his 2004 hit “Over and Over,” drives a white Ferrari, while FGL races monster trucks through the desert. Nelly gets pulled over by a cop, who strips off her clothes before jumping in the car.

Buckle up for the ride.


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  1. LaMont

    Hip-Hop and country doesn’t go good together.


    ddalt Reply:

    @LaMont, no actually it does …… hip hop and country are the 2 biggest genres of music nd every one loves it…………. the beats are sick and its still country soo u still get that redneck feeling


    star Reply:

    @LaMont, Um I m sorry u feel this way but in my opinion yes it does. We are all entitled to our own opinions. Just like you are entitled to yours with out judgment. I am a solid country and song girl and always thought the 2 couldn’t mix until i heard this song. Than I saw it live. And honestly I m glad this happened cause it brings music together and shows that there is truly no diversity. Which is amazing! They can prove that everyone can get along through music. I think that this was a genius idea. My opinion and no judgment on yours. Just wanted you to hear mine. Thanks!


  2. JBAILEY89

    I love it the perfect mix of country and hip-hop!


  3. jabbo

    Nice job! Nelly is the best!


  4. Deidre

    Love FGL, so it’s nice to see them collab with a rapper. Nelly was a perfect choice.


  5. valerie

    Typically dislike rap/hip-hop clashing with country… but I surprisingly really enjoyed this collab!


  6. Beysucksaliciasankles

    Umm no bueno


  7. 6 chaniz

    wow…surprisingly amazing……


  8. sarah



  9. Dee

    Simply AWESOME! Bringing together 2 different cultures and breaking down prejudicial barriers!
    I Love It!!!


  10. summer

    can anyone please tell me what make the trucks are in this video. me and the hubby are in a debate over if they are ford or chevey’s. can someone clarify, thanks


  11. brandon

    What ki.d of truck is the bule truck on cruz


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