Video: Skylar Grey – ‘Final Warning’

Skylar Grey

After showing a more playful side with her Eminem-assisted single “C’mon Let Me Ride,” Skylar Grey debuts the dark and cryptic video for “Final Warning.”

The complex storyline shows a battered and bruised Skylar returning from near death. It appears as though she was having an affair with her sister’s boyfriend, but when she decided to come clean, he tried to kill her. But it’s Skylar who will have the last laugh.

“This is the first time in my entire life of making music, when I made this song, where I feel like I finally figured out the way that I wanted to sound and the combination of things,” the singer-songwriter tells Rolling Stone. “I wrote the song three years ago, and it’s still my favorite. I’ve written so many songs since then, yet I always go back to this one. It got me going on the whole Skylar Grey project.”

Skylar’s KIDinaKORNER/Interscope debut Don’t Look Down is due July 9. Eminem serves as executive producer, with production from Alex Da Kid and J.R. Rotem.

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  1. Zave

    I actually love this song


  2. Aron Daerl

    It’s soo… So fucking good! OMG! I love Skylar creativity!


  3. Chris

    Absolutely incredible. I saw the video earlier but didn’t fully understand it until I read the top youtube comment, it blew my mind. I fully respect her for this. We need more artists to be creative in the industry.


  4. My Info

    This is dope


  5. JamesBond



  6. Yourboycelebrity

    I love her dark side!!!! This is the skylar I like, not wanna be sex symbol bs they were trying to pull with her!!!


  7. Jay

    YES! I’ve been waiting for this video!! That’s the dude from the movie Brick. HA Cool video! Skylar is awesome! I can’t wait to hear her album!!! :)


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