New Music: The Lonely Island f/ T-Pain – ‘I Fu**ed My Aunt’

I Fucked My Aunt

The Lonely Island will make you laugh and cringe at the same time with their incest-filled jam “I Fucked My Aunt,” the second release in their “Wack Wednesdays” series. T-Pain sings the Auto-Tuned hook as the comedic rap trio boasts about their sexual escapades.

The song will appear on their upcoming album The Wack Album, due June 11. They’ve also collaborated with Solange, Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, and Kendrick Lamar.

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  1. bobs

    Trying way too hard. Boring. Flat.



  2. Ice



  3. Quinn

    White people….smh.


    EP23 Reply:

    @Quinn, okk calm down it’s a jokess song, ain’t nothing serious about it…


  4. New Music: The Lonely Island f/ T-Pain – 'I Fu**ed My Aunt' - | Mixtape Distribution

    [...] [...]

  5. jeanquila

    mother lover wannabe.


  6. DKW

    Stuff like this is just not cool. I don’t even wanna listen to it. The title alone is unacceptable. People gotta do better.


    Destiny Reply:

    @DKW, My thoughts exactly.


  7. Chip Kipper

    is this a common practice in the Caucasoid households?


  8. Yay

    I actually did fuck my aunt and it was so hot!


    S* Reply:

    @Yay, u got issues


  9. S*

    shouldnt a title like that be illegal or something?? aunt or mother is the same damn thing to me
    disgusting and wrong in all possible ways


  10. GOGO

    The title is SOOO GROSS!!! EWWW Especially if that is your BLOOD AUNT!! If thats your blood aunt that is almost like having sex with one of your parents. Who makes a song like that with such a sick title?? LOL Im not gonna even listen to this.


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