Jessie J Gets ‘Wild’ with Big Sean, Dizzee Rascal on New Single

Big Sean, Dizzee Rascal, and Jessie J

Jessie J took the world by storm with her 2011 debut Who You Are, and now she’s ready for another round. The British singer has announced “Wild,” the first single from her upcoming sophomore album.

“MY FIRST WORLDWIDE SINGLE IS CALLED ‘WILD’ Feat @BigSean and @DizzeeRascal,” tweeted Jessie.

She posted a clip of herself in the studio working on the track with songwriter Claude Kelly, who penned her past hits “Price Tag” and “Domino.”

“It feels like a nice re-introduction,” said Jessie.

She recently shot a video for the song in London with Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal.

The album is “98 percent” done, according to Kelly. “Jessie is doing something that right now would probably be unheard of in that she’s not apologizing for big vocals,” he told “It’s a lot of big vocals, a lot of vocal tricks, but still huge pop choruses.”

She has also been in the studio with Dr. Luke and Ammo, who worked on her first album.

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  1. Cj

    The UK Bout to Kill It again; Don’t belie’ me je watch nika!!



    i’m from the uk, and this broad is so damn annoying…

    vin-diesel looking b*t*h


    ra Reply:

    @DREAM STAN, oh shit!


  3. wonderland19

    YESSSSSSS!!! Its been long over due. This chicks talent is just WOW! Can’t wait!


  4. Heartbeat_7

    I’m so proud of jessie for all the hard work she’s put into this album, wild sounds great and I can’t wait for it’s release!


  5. lily

    sounds good


  6. Elena

    Love her voice, can’t wait to hear this in full!!


  7. Sammy Morgan

    SO SO EXCITED! Long over due, but worth the wait :) Welcome back Jessie J and your incredible vocals!


  8. :)

    She looks AMAZING bald! :)


  9. ash

    the fuck Big Sean looking like a BIRD for


  10. Destiny

    This cover picture though…


  11. IG: ClothezMinded_

    I’ve been a huge Jessie j fan since her YouTube days so I obviously can’t wait for her new material! She looks amazing with no hair btw!!! #BaldIsBeauty


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