New Music: Ciara f/ Future & B.o.B – ‘Body Party (Remix)’

Body Party (Remix)

The party don’t stop. Ciara invites her boo Future and B.o.B for the remix to her Mike WiLL Made It-produced single “Body Party.” The Freebandz rapper kicks off the “RichMix,” rapping over a sped-up sample of Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo,” while B.o.B adds a verse for the clubs.

Also check out a behind-the-scenes clip from the “Body Party” video.

Ciara’s self-titled album is due July 9 featuring Nicki Minaj and Future.

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    some things are better left untouched……


    notahater Reply:

    @DREAM STAN, i agree


    Wow Reply:

    @DREAM STAN, she really wants to remain a flop idgi. Body Party had so much potential but she’s letting it slip down the charts. No promoting, no performing. This remix is HORRIBLE! Smh. You can’t make an artist desire winning.


    Lexx_Janay Reply:

    @DREAM STAN, word. the original is sooooo much better!


    WOW Reply:



    Maybe all yall are a little young and thats why you dont like this version.. BUT Im loving this as much as the original.

    It uses the original beat from “My Boo” which was sampled! Love it!


  2. jo

    i prefer the original


  3. jo

    i hope for her the best with her relationship who become a real PR Marketing business


    King B Reply:

    @jo, get off her ass and (J)ack (O)ff


  4. King B


    ~King B loves you C!


  5. Heat

    She should have either went slow or fast, not both. She should have put the BoB feature on her song overdose and nicki minaj on this. That way she could ease overdose overdose into the pop charts. And she should tell future “babe it’s ok to hold my hand in public work on the production of my album or be intimate with each other…. But don’t you ever…. Ever ever EVA do some bs like that on a song”


    Wow Reply:

    @Heat, lmao! All truth though!


  6. MB92

    The Club Version on her soundcloud page is SOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!!!! I hope the radio keeps spinning the original though. putting Future on the remix was litterally a joke!


  7. ovodrake

    Terrible ! future use too much auto-tune ..the original is better


  8. Phoenix Wright

    I like how they switched up the tempo of the beat and stuff, but I would prefer if they put a male singer replaced Future or if there was a mini duet.

    B.o.B did his thing, it was simple and short. His flow reminded me of Kendrick Lamar


  9. Luis

    La Amoooooo!! Ciara eres la Mejor!!!


  10. Jay

    Sweet! I love seeing behind the scenes! Ciara is so freakin gorgeous!!! This remix is hott!!! The song is so dope either way. Whether it’s smooth, slow and sultry or sped-up…I love!!! Ciara’s voice is so perfect, beautiful and sexy. And my boy B.o.B. is killing on this!! They should do a video for the remix fasho! It would be super fly!! I can’t wait for the album!!!!! :)


  11. Still Amazin

    Ciara’s done better remixes that no one has even heard (Get Up Freak Me Baby Remix, Gimme Dat Urban Bass Remix) but this was just a waste. I’m so bored with Ciara’s new era. Like why hasn’t she performed Body Party live ANYWHERE yet? Disappointed fan I tell ya….


    Asa Reply:

    @Still Amazin, omg, Gimme Dat Urban Bass Remix is fire.


    IG: ClothezMinded_ Reply:

    @Still Amazin, I agree her remixes are normally better than the original like get up remix was every fucking thing . I was so shocked and disappointed when i Heard this. She needs to perform asap it starting to fall off the charts again ;-(


  12. Shutterbug

    BIG mistake pushing it back to July 9…THIS is when the song’s at its peak as far as buzz goes-it would’ve been better to put it out then.

    Epic is just as bad as Jive…she should’ve gone INDEPENDENT.


  13. Truth

    Body Party went from #35 on Billboard Hot 100 to #55 thats up 20 slots.she needs to promote, promote, promote!!!! Get it into the top 10 or 20 atleast.


    Truth Reply:

    @Truth, i meant to say moved down the charts. Its no longer in the top 40. Body Party is going to flop if she doesnt promote.


  14. Easy Street

    This remix is pretty dope idk what yall are talking about. I like it.


  15. DrakeandCiaraFan

    Not really feeling it… I like the original better. I get excited when I hear “Body Party” on the radio, only because its Ciara. Hopefully her next single is uptempo or at least ratchet.

    Glad the remix isn’t on the album.


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