New Music: The Weeknd – ‘Kiss Land’

Kiss Land

The Weeknd takes us to “Kiss Land” on the title track off his upcoming album. The Canadian singer whispers his sexual desires over the steamy eight-minute record, which contains part of “John Carpenter,” another song he teased earlier in the week. Fall under his seductive spell.

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  1. Brasko801

    “This ain’t nothing to relate to”


  2. Ivan

    I’ve tried to like this guy. REALLY. But the majority of his music seems to have the same themes.


    Oh God Why Reply:

    @Ivan, Same, he’s music just doesn’t stick with me


  3. Ice

    It’s aight.


  4. ras

    he’s made this same song about 14 times now


  5. channel_PINK

    This song is MAD LONG


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  7. hi

    the weeknd is the same old song boring


    MSD Reply:

    @hi, & he got a song called ‘same old song’ with juicy j


  8. bar

    i really like the move like rihanna song…i cant believe that nelly was involved in kelly rowland’s abusive relationship..i mean just google kelsnetwork


  9. counterculture

    maybe i’m confused by this post, but “john carpenter” (at the end) is a part of kiss land… i think what the weeknd teased earlier was just this part of the song.

    for example, when frank ocean teased pyramids but only played the ending/second-half of the song before releasing the full track.

    or am i trippin?



    medusa’s luck has finally run out. awful song, struggling vocals… yyet the idiotic hipsters will be getting wet to this monstrosity…





    Jake Reply:

    @DREAM STAN, Did you just call him medusa? DEAD!


  11. Jon

    This shit is the sick! That’s dark twisted sinister thriller soul! There’s nothing out like that! He’s in his own lane!


  12. lina

    eh its okay ..


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