Video: Jennifer Lopez f/ Pitbull – ‘Live It Up’

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez kicks off the weekend with the sizzling video for her celebratory single “Live It Up.” The gorgeous superstar turns heads as she rips the runway in her designer wardrobe and parties in Miami Beach with Pitbull and friends.

She pops champagne on the sandy shores and makes a splash in the sea. The feel-good visuals, directed by Jessy Terrero, include a cameo from “America’s Next Top Model” alum Eva Marcille.

The RedOne-produced dance anthem is set to appear on J.Lo’s 10th album, due later this year on 2101 Records/Capitol Records.

Watch the hot mamacita put in work.

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  1. Yo mami Damn J.lo

    Holy Shit, This shit was and is on FIRE BABBBYYYY
    Livin it The Fuk Up In This By0tch like what.

    Im so diggin this party video wit the dope track..



  2. lil' Alex

    yeah I like, and DAMN she looks amazing… ageless beauty!


    DION Reply:

    @lil’ Alex, IKR! She never gets old. I was wondering if anyone else notice that! SHE IS FUCKING GORGEOUS! I hate to compare, but although I love Queen Bey, She ain’t got shit on my girl J. LO! You go girl.


  3. Zoz



  4. 4

    A-Fuckinmazing .


  5. Ffs

    Video = Hot
    Song = Fucking Terrible

    This is the worst song ever. How many songs does she have to do with PITBULL. Move away from this House-music type shit.

    Typical fast-food type track guaranteed to enter top 10 with the addition of THE WORLDS WORST “RAPPER”

    I can’t believe this is the same woman who gave us those murder remixes, Jenny from the block, Get right.

    And now she’s resorted to this shit. Desperate.


    NiceBoy850 Reply:

    @Ffs, You need to shut the hellp and stop hating!! Yeah I feel the same about her on collaborting with Pitbull all the time. It gets on my nerves too. On the other hand, this song is the summer anthem. I really love this song. As for you, if you don’t have anything nice to say, than don’t say nothing at all.


    NiceBoy850 Reply:

    @Ffs, Shut up an stop hating.


    Housecomesfromchicago Reply:

    @Ffs, this is not house music
    it is trash
    and in europe people laugh at you when you listen to this crap
    (in Amerika too) LMAO


    keep it real Reply:

    @Ffs, you’re completely right. the dumb twats who tell you to stop hating need to re-evaluate their lives. This is bullshit music. how many times do we need to hear pitbull on a jlo song?!


    randy Reply:

    @keep it real, i agree. uninspired bullshit. jlo will not be remembered for her music


  6. XO till we overdose...

    product placement used to be a lot more subtle…


  7. Sushi

    This PuertoRican. She doesn’t age. :D


  8. Sushi

    That very interesting fact that both Jennifer Lopez, and Mariah Carey, are the same age



    @Sushi, Ooooooh. Good point!


  9. Brass_knucklez

    Good lord this song is terrible!!!! I mean like its really really bad…….She looks great tho.


  10. Dan

    Funny thing about this record: People can call this a hot summer hit all they want, but it’s truly trash and bound to be overrated. Meanwhile, it’s sure to be in the top 5 videos of 2013. The video really makes the record. I swear, I can’t recall a record that has made me hate/love it at the same time. Hopefully, it doesn’t chart well, and perhaps Jennifer will go back to her roots and what brought her to the, pardon the pun, dance.


  11. LaMont

    Damn! She is so sexy!!!


  12. Sighhhh

    She could put out a track that was the sound of LA traffic & trash cans being pushed over and yall be like “OMFG – AH MAY ZING – QUEEN”

    predictable RedOne track with Jlo vocals & yall acting like her bitches. Crazy bitches





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