Kanye West Stars in ‘SNL’ Finale Promo

Kanye West, Ben Affleck, and Fred Armisen

Kanye West will join the five timers’ club, performing on the season finale of “Saturday Night Live” tomorrow. Sporting a Band-Aid from his recent run-in with a pole, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper appears alongside host Ben Affleck and cast member Fred Armisen in a promo for this weekend’s show.

‘Ye is expected to debut new material off his upcoming album, which is rumored to be released on June 18. He performed a new Auto-Tuned song, with the possible title “Awesome,” at the Adult Swim Upfront Party on Thursday.

The father-to-be is also rumored to be launching a tour in October in support of his album. TMZ reports that Kim Kardashian and their baby will be joining him on the road.

Watch Yeezy in the “SNL” promo below.

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  1. G-STAR

    yeeeeezy boy………. will flop


    Jay Reply:

    @G-STAR, yeezy flop ur too funny.


    wqee Reply:

    @G-STAR, lol youre out of your mind


    Brad Reply:

    @G-STAR, that’s why his last album is rated the 28th best album of all time, right? Sit down.


  2. Realistically

    According to his latest rant, I thought he wasn’t going to do SNL.


    flysly Reply:

    @Realistically, my EXACT thoughts


  3. dat_jb

    Does anybody know a livetream to watch the show. I live in Germany, so the stream should be available here ;)

    and at what time does the show actually start?



  4. kate



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  6. philly11

    LOve YE


  7. drakefan

    AWESOME! I hope he performs some new material..
    but what happened to “Fuck SNL and the whole cast”?


    Cat M T Reply:

    @drakefan, I think he meant that he’ll be a musical guest but not do any skits. Can’t wait.


  8. drakefan

    but what happened to “F*ck SNL and the whole cast”?


    YeNSNL Reply:

    @drakefan, he has already performed on there once even a few months after Power was released. He even performed the song on the show but used different words on that part


  9. Metal70s

    ben a$$crack and kuntyea worst.

    Two of my least favorite arseholes in the (w)hole wide world.

    I bet you could guess I won’t be watching, huh?

    But then again, I don’t watch the Dumba$$ “Cotton Candy for the Brain” TV, regardless


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  11. G-STAR

    why are u buying his album? i’d rather download it for free… black ni**assss dont pay for music unless ur taylor swift lol


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