Janet Jackson Announces New Album Plans

Janet Jackson

It’s been 20 years since Janet Jackson released her fifth album janet. On the anniversary, she looks back on the iconic project and shares her plans for the future.

The pop icon, who secretly wed Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana last year, reminisced on her 1993 album, which sold 7 million copies and spawned six Billboard Hot 100 singles.

“I can’t believe it is already 20 years!” the 47-year-old singer told Billboard. “I always write my music based on what is going on in my life at the time. I wanted to allow people in… I want my fans to really know me. The janet. album was sexual and I was beginning to really discover that side of me.”

Despite a five-year absence from music, Janet is back in the studio working on her first album since 2008’s Discipline. She is still in the early stages and is in no rush to release it.

“I am working on a new project now. We are creating the concept and initial thoughts on the music,” she said. “I am excited about the direction we are taking. I don’t want to rush it… I don’t want to put a time constraint on the creative process.”

She also gave the stamp of approval to Kendrick Lamar, who sampled her janet. single “Any Time, Any Place” on his hit “Poetic Justice.” “I have listened to the music that is out there and I love Kendrick’s ‘Poetic Justice,’” said Janet, who also enjoys Adele and Bruno Mars. “There are artists, true performers that have come before me who have been a big inspiration to me. I hope I do the same for others.”

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  1. RihNaj

    I CANT wait!!! bring sexy back Miss Janet!!!


    Jackie Rayne Reply:

    @RihNaj, Ms. Jackson if ya nasty! Week girl


  2. Finally Janet

    We have all been waitin 4eva in a day. damn gurl u gotta get back in that studio and make some more big #1 hits….and come back harder with the other album in the early 2000′s honeychild…fuk yes JANET


  3. Finally Janet

    Who cares Janet take ur time honeychild…I want your year to be 2014 with the NEW ALBUM PLS. We will wait 4 that good good.


  4. Matt C.



  5. The Shaded Truth

    THANK GOD! The rumors were false about her quitting the biz. Another Janet album is must have.


  6. Grace

    LOL, I was just saying the other day Janet said “I’m not gonna tell yall bishes I’m retired, I’ll let you figure it out.”

    THANK GOD she proved me wrong!!! Love MS. JACKSON!!!


  7. TrinaFan

    *claps vigorously*


  8. dope

    I Think a Janet should do a song with drake that would be so good


  9. Kyle

    Yes, Yes, & Yes!!! I was literally just thinking about her the other day and wondering if she was going to release new music anytime soon. I will always rock with Janet, Ms. Jackson if ya NASTAY!


  10. MissJacksonIf UrNasty

    Shame on everyone that slept on Miss Jackson.
    Jer last 3 albums are on my heavy rotation and never sound out of date!
    JAnet serves on a silver Platter!
    Get it!


    Kyle Reply:

    @MissJacksonIf UrNasty, It’s funny that you say that because I happened to really enjoy “Damita Jo,” “20 Y.O.” and “Discipline.” They were all really good albums IMO.


  11. Jrizzel88




    uh bring back “velvet rope” janet jackson back


  13. Ev

    The Queen! Cannot wait for new Janhova music.


  14. Speechless

    The musical gods have spoken!!


  15. Princejawsh

    20 years? I thought her “discipline” album came out a few years back


    Yeah.. Reply:

    @Princejawsh, no, twenty years ago that was when her Janet album was released. The Discipline album was 5 years ago.


  16. Kate

    Yas queen


  17. Tez

    Will it be possible if Justin Timberlake would work with her on the album, like she worked with him on his Justified album (“(And She Said) Take Me Now”)?


    K4JAYJAY Reply:

    @Tez, it’s doubtful that Janet will work with justin because he threw shade at her and Prince in the song ”Give it to me.” look it up.


  18. Kam

    Yes Janet! Can’t wait its been too long.


  19. Michael

    Janet is an ICON! Can’t wait for the new album!!


  20. jesus figueroa

    still waiting for the release of her new album going to be AWESOMEEEEEE….AM THE NUMBER ONE FAN OF JANET SHE SO PRETTY…SO SO MUCH PRETTY


  21. jesus figueroa



  22. Sean

    No one and I mean NO ONE does it like Janet. I’m so happy she’s finally taking her time to perfect this album. 20 YO and Discipline were rushed and uninspired compared to the legacy she created with Control, Rhythm Nation, janet., Velvet Rope, All For You and Damita Jo. Sounds like this will be a classic Janet Jackson album.


  23. mike

    Janet is a legendary artist. Her achievements are beyond what many artists have accomplished.
    I’m so excited to hear we will have new music to listen to!


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    [...] SOURCE: Rap Up [...]

  25. jesus figueroa



  26. stanley elam

    I think Janet should do two remakes .. Nasty girl by vanity and Kiss by prince and what would kill it would be a duet with Ciara …


  27. Shayla Matts

    Yayy!!! I CANNOT WAIT!! She’s the best!! I’ve been waiting so long. I hope she makes more sexy hits like, “Would You Mind, and Ropeburn.” She is so Sexy and Beautiful.


  28. Shayla Matts

    Yayy!!! I CANNOT WAIT!! Janet is the best!! I’ve been waiting so long. I hope she makes more sexy hits like, “Would You Mind, and Ropeburn.” She is so Sexy and Beautiful.


  29. Shayla Matts

    Yayy!!! I CANNOT WAIT!! Janet is the best!! I LOVE HER!! I’ve been waiting so long. I hope she makes more sexy hits like, “Would You Mind, and Ropeburn.” She is so Sexy and Beautiful.


  30. kona

    janet you are the best in the game!we all know that yu coming back for good this time!!!cant wait!


  31. Vaniece Shaffer

    Omg Janet has been on my mind non stop. Im sooo excited she is working an a new album! I ♥ u so much Janet. All I have to say is Thank You God she is back in business!!!!!

    ♥U JANET BOO!!!!!!!!!!^_^


  32. msshae

    Janet is the #1 artist in the biz love her! I am so happy shes workn on another album. I also heard she was retiring but 4 some reason i figured it wasnt true janets not done she stil on the map! I cant wait til her nex concert im ther!


  33. Vaniece Shaffer

    Too excited!!! People are also saying that this album should be like the Janet album or her All For You album. It makes me mad sometimes. We are indifferent era! I’m just greatful & excited she is working on the album. Lol I’m going to be the first person to buy her new album.

    Love You JanetBoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^


  34. Hon Tok Yong

    MISS JANET IF UR NASTY, please don’t wait too long and don’t be afraid to compete with any artists. We want classic Janet and hope you bring back that magic with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis !!!!!


  35. Hon Tok Yong

    JANET, YOU MUST RUSH IT!!! Competition these days are tough and the music business is now very different than the 80′s.


  36. lasting luv

    janet is coming for damn wigs !!!hint wigyonce bitch u better duck an roll …..she is coming for you


  37. ricki

    they cant see janet,,,, damn still cant believe jj is coming back.lol


  38. Daryl

    The Jackson who can hold the Jackson’s brand in pop culture is still the baddest entertainer in music.Janet come back with a force not to be matched by other female artist,your Janet Jackson for a reason,thanks for coming back to show the others how its suppose to be done!!!!!


  39. lielie

    thank god shes coming back.in so tired of that big ass beyonce..she just over do it for me.


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