New Music: Kat Dahlia – ‘Fireman’


Kat Dahlia ignited some major buzz with her single “Gangsta,” and now she keeps the flame burning on “Fireman,” produced by Cinematic. The 22-year-old Miami native raps over the hypnotizing burner, which reflects her Cuban and reggae influences.

“It’s just something really, really different. Especially from what else is out there right now,” Kat tells Interview. “The label had told me to hold off, you know, wait until I had an album [out] to release it. I was always really adamant about this record. We were going back and forth, but, finally, it’s coming out. It’s definitely a good follow-up to ‘Gangsta’ and that whole sound.”

Kat’s debut My Garden is due in September via Sylvia Rhone’s Vested in Culture imprint on Epic Records. She has been in the studio with Timbaland and Salaam Remi, and hopes to one day collaborate with Eminem.

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  1. TheBakedBrowniie

    This shit is HAWT


  2. Jon

    She is good music


  3. Realest



  4. Realistically

    Boooooooo!!!! *throws watermelon slices*


  5. Joey

    She is an amazing new talent. Fell in love with “Gangsta” it’s showing her amazing, unique voice. Also loved “Money Party” which made me wanna dance and throw my money in the air.

    And now this song. Wow. This is HAWT. I’m in love with this song. It’s like nothing you hear on the radio, it’s so unique and refreshing. And it keeps growing every time you play the song. Love the end where she’s letting it all go and her voice sounds so good and harsh. LOVE IT!


  6. Slaylena Gomez



  7. Read Between My Lines

    Reminds me of Rihanna! For the haters, i know RiRi is not the only artist that sings/raps with an accent! I’m just saying when listening to this, that’s who i thought of which is not something a barely new artist would want! #I’mJustSay’n


  8. Angel

    She caught my attention when i seen “gangsta” on 106. That was dope. Not feeling this….


  9. ado

    I LOVE KAT DAHLIA! I really like all her song and this one is so dope!!


  10. Humz

    Fiya Mayunnnn

    That voice.


  11. THEMAN





  12. fez

    Please edit: the producer’s name is Synematik, not Cinematic.


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  14. maria adimando

    Wow,refreshing,she’s talented,beautiful and exceptional,I could see her team up with eminen that’s her wish.she could pair up with many artist.a few to mention,PitBull,little Wayne and Jennifer Lopez.she strikes me as being diverse.simply gorgeous,has a tough look,but equally soft.she will with no hesitation be very successful,about time we have someone different.


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