The-Dream and Kelly Rowland Perform ‘Where Have You Been’ on ‘Leno’

Kelly Rowland and The-Dream

The-Dream and Kelly Rowland gave fans a peek into their upcoming “Lights Out” tour by performing together on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on Monday. The platinum hitmaker and new “X Factor” judge dueted on “Where Have You Been,” their tender collaboration off Dream’s album IV Play, due May 28.

“K.Row….. Thank You from Me and the Lovecult for being here for me Today! Jay Leno… I appreciate it soooo much. I LOVE you!” Dream told Kelly after the performance.

Watch their first televised set before the tour kicks off on May 23.


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    This is such a GREAT record. Congrats to the Dream!!!

    Kelllllllllllly, OMG the vocals >>>>>>>>>>>>


    really? Reply:

    @WE LOVE YOU KELLY!!!, she slayed this live


    KRowlandStone Reply:

    @WE LOVE YOU KELLY!!!, it was sooooo smooth, just like silk…Wow *claps*


    realRnbsuckers Reply:

    kelly and dream bringing 90′s rnb back about dam time..WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN,….R.kelly your turn black panties lets go..


    Fa Reply:

    @realRnbsuckers, 90ies R&B
    You must be 12
    In the 90ies people were able to sing a song,
    carry a note at least…
    Jodeici, SWV, Excape, En Vogue, Boyz II Men….
    Have a seat!
    In the front so I can see you!


  2. really?

    Wow her voice is so sexxi and soultrt. Its crazy i never noticed her in DC but now all her music is on fire.


  3. critic

    I think this is my first time seeing a televised performance from Dream.


  4. doit

    YES Kelly at them vocals!!! SLAY!


  5. Juize

    Someone did visit a vocal coach!
    Kelly combines stage presence with a great voice!
    Can’t wait for her album to be released!

    Love the songs from The Dream, but he’s just not a performer.. He is totaly outshined by Kelly in this performance


  6. EdwardPonton

    They both sounded just like the record for the most part. Nothing superb but it was aight. Not bad at all. Kelly getting thick AF though that was the highlight


  7. hones_T

    I think August Alsina should’ve did the song with kelly, rather than the Dream


  8. Kim

    I love this song they making tasteful music without even trying so hard. Effortless creativity.


  9. Kate

    Yas kelly u go girl


  10. Kyle

    I must say, they did a good job. Especially Kelly Rowland! Wow, if she keeps commanding the stage like this she’s going to get a lot more credit for her performances. It’s like she was thinking in her head, “all eyes on me, please!”


  11. EdwardPonton

    After listening Bout 6 times I came to the conclusion that this was pretty bad. I can visit a local school talent show and find a better duet than what was displayed here. Although Kelly had great stage presence, her and the dream both seem to lack that raw ear for adlibs and where to place them. I fuck with the Kelly who killed the audition singing “wide open” with DC, the Kelly who killed the endless love duet with Lionel richie, the Kelly who killed the “white Christmas” duet with Michael buble. And the dream just isn’t a vocalist. Cool song though.


    IVY. Reply:

    @EdwardPonton, boy stfu no1curr. Kelly ate and you will deal.


  12. dblog

    Wow… the dream can’t sing for shit…. I wonder why Kelly is going on tour with him.


    Kyle Reply:

    @dblog, I must say that it is interesting to see him perform live because he really isn’t a vocalist. He did alright though. Did anyone else really notice how the camera was rarely ever focused in on him? Kelly owned that performance.


  13. man

    Kelly is just one gifted vocalist and she’s always looking yummy!The record is just amazing.
    I’m disappointed that the tour is cancelled tho! I know Xfactor is a major gig, but wud’ve loved 2 c her murder the stage like she always does. Plus, it wud have bn a great build up 2 the release of “Talk A Good Game”. But none the less, still a stunner!
    The Dream is such talent, makes killer jams “Radio Killer”…and is gonna be around for a long time.
    Congrats to the 2…
    From a fan in South Africa.


  14. Ashgino

    Can’t no rnb duet kelly ever make again touch the one she did with avant


  15. realRnbsuckers

    good job….about time some tap back too the 90′s rnb..great job more please R.KELLY your turn black panties.


  16. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi)

    Dammmmmmmmm!! KElly sounded amazing ..

    Go Girl!!


  17. Jay-Me

    Hopefully some of Kelly’s performance acumen will rub off on The-Dream whilst they’re on the road together. She killed this. I never thought I’d say this but I prefer the clean version. There’s something about Kelly cursing that I don’t like.


  18. amina

    she’s good go kelly!!!





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  21. Kemar

    I enjoyed this performance. Kelly sounded great!

    Side note: The whole Lights Out Tour is NOT, I repeat NOT cancelled. ONLY the May 23rd show was cancelled.


    man Reply:

    @Kemar, you have no idea how glad i am 2 hear that!


  22. Haha

    Please. This was a vocal fail for the BOTH of them. Don’t kid yourself a thinking otherwise. Kelly was flatter than Keyshia Coles weave.


  23. MayZiin

    Love them Both , Love te song , But this is a Fail


  24. Laurie

    HAHA The Dream is an excellent producer/songwritter but singing ? HELL NO lol Kelly should’ve done this record by herself


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