Melanie Fiona Covers Biggie’s ‘One More Chance’

Melanie Fiona

In honor of his birthday, Melanie Fiona pays homage to the Notorious B.I.G. by covering “One More Chance / Stay with Me Remix.” The Canadian songbird sits in front of her computer and performs the 1995 classic in the third installment of her cover series. As the sun rises, she throws on her Brooklyn Nets cap and raps the lyrics, while belting out the Faith Evans hook.

“R.I.P. BIG… Here’s to celebrating your life,” tweeted Melanie, who has covered Drake’s “Started From the Bottom” and Wale’s “Bad” in the past.

See her soulful salute to the late rap icon.

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  1. HeadBarbInCharge

    Who is she?


    Kate Reply:

    @HeadBarbInCharge, melanie fiona open your eyes


    Superiority Reply:

    @Kate, “Barb” = rude, free hate


  2. Power3

    I’m loving her covers of songs. Downloading this too


  3. arno

    she has a gorgeous voice, but i don’t know why she hasnt gone mainstream…


  4. Kyle

    I love when she does these covers and shows us the step-by-step process of creating the beat. Melanie Fiona is the shitttttt. I hope we get a new album this year!!!


  5. Fa

    I wanna see Ciara, Cassie or Ms. Hilson do this!
    Fiona is old school! Pure talent! No joke!
    Love this!


  6. n easy

    It was well done she does her thing


  7. Me

    Now that’s an artist


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