Kelly Rowland Reschedules ‘Lights Out’ Tour with The-Dream

The-Dream and Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland and The-Dream’s “Lights Out” tour is already living up to its name. Kelly has been forced to cancel and reschedule many of the dates on her co-headlining tour due to her new gig on “The X Factor.”

The tour was originally set to kick off tonight in Minneapolis and run through the end of June, but Kelly’s schedule won’t allow her to tour now that she is a judge on the U.S. edition of “The X Factor.”

The itinerary has been whittled down to include Washington, D.C. on May 26, Baltimore on May 28, New York City on May 30, Philadelphia on May 31, and Mashantucket on June 2. Kelly will also make appearances at the Riverfest in Little Rock, Arkansas, on May 25 and at Caribbean Fashion Week in Kingston, Jamaica on June 8.

She informed her “RowlandStones” of the change via Instagram. “Although the tour had to be rescheduled because of ‘X Factor,’ I’m looking forward to bringing you guys a bigger and better show!” said the “Dirty Laundry” singer. “I can’t wait to see each and every one of you guys on the road.”

The-Dream supported his tourmate and revealed plans for some spot dates. “First, I want to wish my friend Kelly congratulations on her new gig at ‘X Factor,’” he said. “Unfortunately, we have to change some tour dates which has been extremely hard for me and for Kelly. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at a later date. But in support of IV Play, I will find the time to come to some of the cities left out to the best of my ability, if only to be in front of the fans that support us. So request this with your local radio stations and I’ll be there. I’m amped and ready!”

Kelly, whose album Talk a Good Game is due June 18, started judging auditions for Fox’s singing competition this week in Charleston, South Carolina. She joins a panel that includes Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, and Paulina Rubio.

Kelly Rowland Note

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  1. Kemar

    While I’m upset all of this could’ve been avoided had things been organized better, I’m happy they at least decided to reschedule the tour as opposed to just canceling it.


  2. Yeakelly

    Wait, so those are the only places she’s going to…wow, what a let down


  3. joseph



  4. One & only

    Kelly do your thing girl.. X Facter was a smart move.. They had to pay her real well and over top of that.. She can do more while on the show.. She couldn’t do much on the uk show because it was a lot of traveling.. She didn’t cancell the whole tour so, see you in DC this weekend Kelly..


  5. Frankie

    “Rowland Stones?” I’m crying!!

    Anyway, no need to reschedule. This is an easy — and justified — out to save them both the trouble of singing to thousands of empty seats.


    Face Reply:

    @Frankie, And easy out? You say that as I both of then haven’t performed shows of their own in the past.

    The check she’s recieving for X-Factor is worth it and she’s rescheduling the date. It’s a small scale thester tour anyway, so please.


    Face Reply:

    @Face, Lord @ my typos. I’m sleepy.


  6. StillDaBaddest

    Now she needs to reschedule the album release date to avoid kanye and big sean clash….


  7. rew

    why do females artists all feel the need to give their fanbase a wwe corny group name.


  8. kate

    i love you kelly. its your time shin bright like a diamond kelly


  9. Ciara QUEEN Harris

    Who really wants to see these nobodies live? Especially the dream no singing ass


    kate Reply:

    @Ciara QUEEN Harris, omg hahahaha and ciara can sing? lol


    Ry4Row Reply:

    @Ciara QUEEN Harris, Kelly can sing wayyy better than Ciara that’s why she’s still around and for Ciara we hardly hear from her anymore.. Her days are numbered. Where as Kelly’s stars continue to rising from DC days til now and for years to come!


    DREAM STAN Reply:

    @Ciara QUEEN Harris, shut your damn ass up. Dream is iconic in the music industry. ciara is a flop, deal with it


    Honeygal Reply:

    @Ciara QUEEN Harris, Ciara fans certainly talk a lot of shit. Y’all girl has the vocal control of a washing machine and the body of a male bodybuilder. I can see why y’all are so pressed over Kelly…someone who’s actually relevant, beautiful and has vocal talent. Keep hating while Kelly keeps winning!


    Croqque Reply:

    @Ciara QUEEN Harris, right, cause The-Dream didn’t write the entirety of Ciara’s last album


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  11. Susan

    We will be supporting you wherever and whatever you are doing Kelly. True RowlandStones are happy for your success! We are looking forward to seeing you at a later date…I know that you will bring a bigger and better show to us, don’t rush it…we want to see you at your best.
    @Ciara QUEEN Harris and to the other posters that says they are nobodies, please remember that God does not make junk…including you. So everyone is someone! Would you like for someone to come to your job (presuming you have one) and call you a nobody at your occupation? People work hard at what they do in a competitive world! Kelly is not a dog eat dog person, but she is still blessed. Let’s not do hateful and childish things to each other. She is obviously very relevent….because you read her story and took the time to post…so yes she is well known enough for you to find out what is going on in her world!
    Peace and Blessings!


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  13. Jess

    This is sum bullshit i was planning on seeing her and august alsina (opening act) in two weeks at the house of blues, glad i didnt order my tickets yet, but DAMN


  14. Rowless dayz yelowa

    won’t be alber to go


  15. daryl

    u are bad ma and i like it


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