New Music: Jessie J f/ Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal – ‘Wild’

Jessie J

She took the world by storm with her 2011 debut Who You Are. Now Jessie J is back with “Wild,” the first single off her sophomore album. The big-voiced Brit plays into her international appeal, calling on the U.S.’s Big Sean and U.K.’s Dizzee Rascal for the triumphant tune, produced by Ammo and co-written by Claude Kelly.

“If this is a dream, won’t open my eyes/ Am I asleep? No, I’m alive/ I just can’t believe that this is my life/ In my fantasy, we’re running wild,” she sings over the galloping beat.

The song is now available on iTunes U.K. and worldwide on Monday. Watch a 30-second teaser for the black-and-white video below.

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  1. #RihannaNAVi



    Rachel Reply:

    @#RihannaNAVi, Yes, Rihanna is.


    richard Reply:

    @#RihannaNAVi, she’s better than rihanna.


    t Reply:

    @#RihannaNAVi, your mother… this song is hot the video is already out btw. jessie is one off the best singers out right now lets appreciate real artists she can sing and write! im not even a fan but dont complain cause you dont like it you not getting forced to hear it go sit down some where..


  2. New Music: Jessie J f/ Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal – 'Wild' - | Mixtape Distribution

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  3. JFB

    Love her! Love this!


  4. JLO FAN

    expected better tbh


  5. wonderland19



  6. TeeJ

    Would have been better without both features. Big Seans verse was not it at all! Smh


    Asa Reply:

    @TeeJ, I agree.

    Shame, as I like Jessie J in it… but the features are awful.


  7. joseph



  8. lily

    love it


  9. whodat24

    Really feeling this one!


  10. Bobby

    To be honest this should have been her “California Girls” … she had a lot of buzz and success with her debut so this was her chance to capitalize on that just as Katy Perry had to … this song is rather weak in my opinion. I love her new hairstyle though and I don’t hate the song but this is deffintly not how hard she should have came.


  11. thesafesthaven

    THAT VIDEO TEASER THO? its gonna be DOPE!!


  12. Jaye

    i like the song, i’m just not feeling the features.


  13. A.

    expected something different and better from her too.

    this production is a bit generic. but lets hope she has more original material on the album


  14. LaMont

    Nice song, I can’t wait to see the video. Jessie J is kinda sexy!


  15. Morgan

    It’s a nice song, but it’s certainly no Domino. I’ll still buy it though … she’s a true talent.


  16. sophia beeston

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    Righteous Reply:

    @sophia beeston, R@CIST BITCH.


  17. Jay-Me

    I like the chorus. I don’t like the verses or Big Sean’s verse. Dizzie’s is ok. Overall it’s a snoozer.


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