Rap-Up TV: Mindless Behavior Shows ‘Grown Man Side’ in ‘Used to Be’ Video

Mindless Behavior

Mindless Behavior is growing up before our eyes. Rap-Up TV was on set as the teen sensations shot the mature video for “Used to Be,” the latest single off their sophomore album All Around the World. Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal took over a multi-million-dollar mansion in Beverly Hills earlier this month with director Phil the God at the helm.

Despite a rigorous rehearsal schedule and 3 a.m. call time, the fellas didn’t miss a beat while showcasing some new moves on the rooftop of the lavish pad. “The choreography is very Mindless mixed with Jodeci mixed with New Edition,” said Princeton. “You’re definitely gonna see our grown man side here.”

In addition to the dance studio, they hit up the gym to get in shape for their sexy scenes. “You might catch some shirts off here and there,” teased Ray Ray.

When it comes to their style, they took inspiration from New Edition, rocking white dress shirts, bow ties, and Chuck Taylors. “I think this is one of the most eclectic videos we’ve done so far,” said Princeton, while Ray Ray added, “It feels good to actually show the fans the real us, the real age, and how we’re maturing over time.”

Check out the behind-the-scenes action below.

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  1. sheyyyy

    Princeton dances with so much swag love him,i can tell this is gonna be their best video to date. Excited


  2. Speechless

    I just cannot take these lil boys seriously lol.


  3. kate

    black girls love them


  4. Brittany

    MB aren’t little boys anymore! They’re growing up! We should be supporting them and want them to do well not bring them down! I love this song and I can’t wait for the video to come out!


  5. jay$$

    To be honest, I love these dudes. I feel they have what it takes to be massive. Nowadays we don’t have jodeci’s and new edition’s and boyz2men or African American boy bands for that matter so there’s a gap in the market specifically for them. I feel as though we should support them because our parents supported NE from when they were children and had child-like subject to when they matured and started to talk about adult things. Give them a chance.


    Kiwi Reply:

    @jay$$, omg can we get married lol but seriously I agree with you 100 percent


  6. Rowless Rosiee2

    their fans can be black,white,asia,china,japen, Viennmtsa, eruop brtish Kids teenager it doesn’t matter what Color their fans is long as the fans support their Teenager Band Music


  7. MickyBoo:)

    I Can See They Are Maturing A Lot Through There Music. But I’m Sorry I Can’t With Princeton And Him Hitting His Chest And Couldn’t Breathe Afterwards !!! I Don’t Think I’ve Laughed So Hard In My Life, I Couldn’t Breathe xD !!


  8. Waniie

    OMFG Looooool I see Roc slipping. Alot.


  9. Koll

    When is the one with the fro coming out the closet? You not fooling anyone. Just be you.


    Brittany Reply:

    @Koll, ummmm he’s not gay! Have a seat!


    Jamii Reply:

    @Brittany, Ive been around him. No doubt he’s gay. He’s not even good at hiding it. If you pay attention.


    Shy Reply:

    @Koll, Sit the hell down! The hell you talking about “coming out the closet?” Nigga ,he ain’t gay. & His name is Jacob aka Prince. K get you’re facts straight


  10. Nafana

    They are so funny! Expecially Princeton! haha! I love them to death! The love is MASSIVE!! I’m kind of upset that I couldn’t hear Roc’s angels voice.. :( He’s so attractive! And I love his new hair color! And so is Prodigy! I love him and his new hair color! It suits him so well! Ray Ray is just pretty and funny


  11. lotoya

    love this song cant wait for the video love how yall maturing and getting more sexier for us juss obssesed with yall yah i love how prod went back to the old style hair do he use to have


  12. Sharle'e

    This is one of my fav. songs of the album and I love the fact that the concept of it is going to get played out in the video so with that being said I know its gone be hot..


  13. Tre

    its good to see young teenagers like them doing something in life that theyve were born to do so i gotta give it to them they came a long way and i hear some of their songs imma guy but in my opinion they have good group chemistry and dope choreography


  14. Bridget

    Guyz plz cum 2 africa (Namibia)…


  15. Bridget

    Nd i luv th video:


  16. alexia

    they are the best boy band


  17. Alexia wangondu

    they are sexiest boy band


  18. Mz-B Perez

    The video is HELLA dope… I love the way they dance-awesome choreography…! Love the vocals…they have really grown up! Love them to death! #TeamMindless baby!


  19. michaelabillings

    Princeton just has so much energy in him danm nd he is a fine looking brother but I lyk all of them nd one og the dudes must just stop being seriouse(from your girl who lives in south africa) michaela billings.


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