Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Are Expecting a Baby Girl

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The secret is out. After months of speculation, Kim Kardashian has revealed that she and Kanye West are expecting a girl.

Kardashian made the announcement during Sunday’s season premiere of her E! reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

“I’m so excited we’re having a girl. Who doesn’t want a girl? I think they are the best,” she said. “And I know that’s really what Kanye has always wanted. He wanted a little girl.”

Earlier in the day, the mom-to-be celebrated her baby shower in Beverly Hills with Kanye and their families.

The couple had not disclosed the sex of the baby until now. However, Us Weekly previously reported that they were having a girl.

Kim and Kanye’s daughter is due in July.

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  1. Frankie



  2. middlefinger

    Old news though, still waiting for the release of new slaves


  3. 2bad2bme

    Blue Ivy: “ok…and”


    Pilar Reply:

    @2bad2bme, LMFAO, I’m crying!!!!!!


  4. Dave

    no one cares.


  5. Gettingtired

    Kanye trying to teach his baby ABCs: see the A and B was at the front of the line because it stood for African American and Black but the white man didn’t like that so he changed us to N#gg3rs so that Caucasian can come before us… Baby: I’m going to fail kindergarten


    Zack Reply:

    @Gettingtired, wow that was lame as f^ck


    Cody Brattstock Reply:

    @Zack, Thats the same thing your mother said to you when you ate her out.


  6. Dave

    she is using kanye for his money


    Truth Reply:

    @Dave, dumb ass comment. Shes already rich why would she need to use him for his money?


  7. Quinn

    How nice. There are millions more women on Earth expecting baby girls too.


  8. Alicia

    Congrats to them both, babies are a blessing, as for the ignorant comments. Oh why bother ignorance is a disease, can’t fix it on a blog. SMDH!!!


  9. Skywalker

    wonderful, congrats!


  10. [email protected]

    Looks like blu ivy will hav a little playmate to start a girl group with…..


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  12. nick

    Are you sure he want’s a girl?


  13. Zack

    Well they are giving jay-z’ daughter an bff, thats nice! Congratz!


  14. A RihYonce Stan,

    why can’t people just be happy for her? like… y’all pasts aren’t squeaky clean either.

    You go Kim! Congrats to you both!

    hoping for a Kei, or Kenya… or maybe Kamari(K+ Omari(Kanye’s middle name))!


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