Video: India.Arie – ‘Cocoa Butter’


India.Arie spreads some love in the video for her first single “Cocoa Butter.” The 37-year-old soulstress gets intimate with her man in the subtle visuals.

“The song is really about the heart and how to heal when something hurts it,” she told ESSENCE. “It sounds like it’s about a man, and on some levels it is, really it’s about being healed.”

India’s fifth album SongVersation is due June 25.

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  1. Mariah2012

    omds i have not seen this woman for tiiime. love her


  2. Chance

    Those album sales are going to be ashy though.


    uHoesBuggin Reply:

    @Chance, B!tch don’t try to come for India! It’s never been about sales for her. During her career she’s only done a little over 3 million in the U.S and 10 million worldwide but she’s been nominated for 21 grammy’s and won 4 (which is more than you’ll ever do). She makes music that’s meaningful and that’s really all that matters.


    Truth teller Reply:

    @Chance, tell your white mama to stop licking cum from the tips of d!cks.


  3. draya

    not feeling this yes for putting on the cocoa butter


  4. Fa

    did she sing : Rub It in?


  5. uHoesBuggin

    OMG yeeeees India.Arie! I was listening to “Ready For Love” a couple of days ago thinking “where the hell is Ms. Arie?” I didn’t even know she had a new album coming out but I’ll definitely be buying in 3 weeks!


  6. kate

    real music back thanks god


  7. valerie



  8. clark

    YES ! WE LOVE INDIA ARIE amazing voice she s so GREAT i mean GREAAAAAAAT

    I will buy the album cause all her albums are amazing

    Queen of Nu-Soul


  9. Jhenya(from Russia,Moscow)

    Delight and reflexivity
    The song causes only the brightest and tender sentiment
    All loved it
    Grandiose resetting! ! !


  10. Nett

    I love IArie, she is so talented and her lyrics are always positive and on point…So glad she refuses to buy n2 the current standards of music that entail satisfying the masses with meaningless/sexist/offensive mess. All of which will time out but IA music will always be timeless………I’m gonna buy her CD ASAP


  11. Towanda in Texas

    Thank you India please come to Dallas TX soon. Your fans are awaiting your visit.


  12. Swan in florida

    Simply amazing smooth and meaningful lyrics that keeps the mind thinking and positive way, love it.


  13. Swan in florida

    Simply Amazing good soul music, love it.


  14. Levi

    Simply beautiful, and who was the guy in the video!?!?


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