Diddy Starts New Dance Sensation #DiddyJetDance

Diddy Jet Dance

First he brought us the Harlem Shake, and now Diddy is hoping to start a new dance craze with the #DiddyJetDance. In an iPhone-shot video released online, the jet-setting mogul introduces us to the newest sensation that’s sweeping tarmacs across the nation.

He sets up an iPod speaker on the floor of the runway and begins to dance to Problem’s “Like Whaaat.” While looking fly in a blue suit, he slides, shuffles, and spins while the airport staff looks on. He makes his way up the stairs and onto his private plane, where the party continues (Look for a cameo from his bad girl Cassie).

“When you’re living THIS high, you can’t be afraid of heights!! Learn how to FLY with me!!” tweeted the Bad Boy boss.

Watch Diddy get down below.

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  1. Tiffany

    LMAO them people in the background like WTF up with this nig


  2. Yeezytoldme

    that’s a dance for someone who can’t dance. No shades, He’s a hell of a businessman, but, he ain’t got no happy feet.


  3. Kate

    Always loved his dance moves


  4. Haag

    I don’t understand how he could be that rich but so thirsty for attention.


    #RihannaNAVi Reply:

    @Haag, LOL ikr!!


    Rah Reply:

    @Haag, He’s rich as fuck and feels like doing some stupid shit …lol don’t hate


    DiddyJetDance Reply:

    @Haag, That’s the brilliance behind Sean John Combs. Is that he knows how to entertain. Keep himself relevant in a genre of music that is geared towards the young. He calls the paparazzi to take candid shots of him and his children and simply when he’s walking across the street. He knows the industry. And he plays it well. Now, do the DiddyJetDance. haha


  5. Frankie

    Take that take that!


  6. Major

    He’s the definition of a wealthy cornball….#getoveryaselfdiddy


  7. EL

    Dead at Cassie in the background, covered in shades and a hoodie looking embarrassed.


  8. LOLatHaters

    Umm Diddy not many people can do a damn Jet dance. He need to sit his old ass down.


  9. Deejay

    Seriously, the corniest human being on this fuckin planet.


  10. Heather

    I’m CRYING!!


  11. Miguel

    …I’m just here for Cassie. TBH.


    Wade Reply:

    @Miguel, lmao #true


  12. yourboycelebrity

    Cassie was like.. Nigga sit down and stop making us look foolish! oh yea only ame for cassie.


  13. char

    thats the ish, love that speak my mind and do what the hell i want to mentality.love me some Diddy!!!!


  14. JZ

    I hope the illuminati lets him go, horrible


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  16. MENI

    lmao he reminds me of mitt romney when he does the small step dances like at the beginning.


  17. Fa

    I wish everyone would do their jobs with that much passion.

    and no, I do not believe he is happy because he is rich.
    He is rich because he did what made him happy!


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