J. Cole Shares Hurt Feelings on ‘Let Nas Down’

J. Cole

J. Cole had fans intrigued when he announced “Let Nas Down” as one of the track titles on Born Sinner. With a little over a week to go until the June 18 release, he is explaining the meaning behind his favorite song on the album.

“That song is just special. It’s a venting song,” he told Fuse.

He had been trying to make a song for radio at the time and was excited when he finally came up with “Work Out,” but he was surprised by the reaction from the public. “It was the worst response I’ve ever gotten on any song I’ve ever put out. It was a terrible response,” he said, adding, “When I made that song, it was a triumph.”

He got a call from producer No I.D., who was in the studio with Nas and relayed his conversation. “I was in the studio with Nas and we was talking about you and he was like, ‘Yo, why did he do that? Why did he put out that song? Don’t he know he’s the one? He ain’t gotta do that.’”

Upon hearing his reaction, Cole got defensive and said some crazy things. “On the inside I was really hurt because I really idolized Nas,” he said.

But it all worked out in the end. “Eventually ‘Work Out’ became a monster record. It wouldn’t leave radio, it was a smash, and I’m grateful for that song. But at the time, it was hurtful. I really vented on that song.”

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  1. kate

    Make sure you all get his new album on June 18th “Born Sinner”. We need to keep Real Music alive!


  2. ME

    Who cares it’s still a good song.
    His most commercial song maybe but its still good
    Mostly every rapper have at least one commercial song on their album this day and age.

    Jay-z- Empire State Of Mind
    Eminem- Not Afriad
    Lil Wayne- Mirrors/How To Love/Lollipop
    Kayne West, Period.


  3. Eric

    Yes, heard it and it tops everything Cole has done in the past, from his flows to his production Born Sinner is a problem. Def buying the album on June 18th Ye better bring his A+++ game with “Yeezus”


  4. Croqque

    Uh, don’t take career advice from Nas.


    King T Reply:

    @Croqque, career advice? No. Creative input from a lyrical great? Hell yeah. That’s something to consider.

    Nas career may have slumped but Nas knows better than snot body what it’s like to be a lyrical giant, buzzing as hip hops next superman, put out a great project and ruin in with a string of commercial records. If anything Nas was trying to keep Cole from going down that path. But it was unlikely.

    Work Out was a good reflection on one facet of Cole’s personality.


  5. 2bad2bme

    His mind is so crazy how he takes things from real life and puts them into records…he and frank ocean would make a huge hit together!


    Morgan Reply:

    @2bad2bme, I agree. I’d seen photos of them in the studio together so I was disappointed when there was no Frank on Born Sinner … but the album is excellent, a mass improvement from Sideline Story!!


  6. Harley

    His album stream sucked and was almost an hour late last night. He cant rap and needs to stop trying to challenge Yeezus Christ.


  7. Kyle

    Now I really really can’t wait to hear this song. But I agree with some of the above comments, “Work Out” was not a BAD song by any means and it didn’t seem like a desperate cry to go commercial. If it sounded like “Starships” or something, then yes but it just so happened to be a hip-hop song that went commercial.


  8. MusicJunky

    He’s the BEST in the business today!

    I cannot wait for his album. I own the first one, definitely getting the second. #AlCOLEholic


  9. BKzRevenge



    2bad2bme Reply:



  10. nick

    What do they mean by saying “why did he do that”?


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  12. Jorge

    Loved the song Let Nas Down. His best song to date. Love tge honesty. The album overall is consistent. Crooked Smile is the best iverall song and he had some sings that were straight like trouble and She Knows. 8\10 at best. Still needs more charisma and better production. But glad he had more creative freedom. Also he name dropped alot like game lol


  13. C Bryant

    @kate he’s album leaked already


  14. ,.

    Disappointing album


    Sebastian Reply:

    @,., Says the nameless soul.


  15. thedon

    f*ck all the haters, if you’re hating on this album then you must not understand ”Real LYRICISM” therefore go listen to some Starships crap or something because this album was awesome, like I said J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are best rappers right now and nobody touching them.


  16. banana

    Whoever thinks that Cole shouldn’t take advice from one of the greatest is wack! Nas has stood strong and tall for years…he’s simply legendary. Anyone would be wise to listen to anything he has to say.


  17. tinotenda

    Yoo tht nigga nas is no joke he is tha rap inventer jus listen to what he is sayin in his songs


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