Janelle Monáe Taps Prince, Miguel for ‘The Electric Lady’

Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe brought the funk with her “Q.U.E.E.N.” collaboration with Erykah Badu, but that’s not the only superstar guest on her sophomore album. The Wondaland Arts Society leader also holds court with Prince and Miguel on The Electric Lady.

According to Billboard, Monaé’s first album in three years will feature jazz (“Dorothy Dandridge Eyes”), pop-punk (“Dance Apocalyptic”), gospel (“Victory”), and ballads (“Primetime”).

She also has a song with the legendary Prince. “I had a chance to produce an icon,” Monáe told the magazine. “It’s not every day that he collaborates. I’m honored and humbled that he trusted me. He is forever my friend, and I am forever indebted.”

Miguel duets with her on “Primetime,” which interpolates the Pixies’ ’80s hit “Where Is My Mind?” “Primetime for our love/ Heaven is bettin’ on us,” sings Monáe on the love ballad.

The album promises to push her further into mainstream territory. “This album has a lot of songs that can get played on mainstream radio,” said Atlantic Records Group chairman/COO Julie Greenwald. “Before, we got a lot of attention in the press, on the blogs, on the video networks. But we didn’t crack the code at radio. So if you connect that last dot, it’s going to be a significant improvement from the last album cycle. Which is really going to put her music in so many people’s homes.”

The Electric Lady is due in September on Wondaland Arts Society/Bad Boy/Atlantic.

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  1. Kyle

    I have a feeling Janelle is going to hit it big with this album. She deserves all the success in the world. She really is AMAZING! Can’t wait for this album!!!


  2. Dave



  3. Bz

    This is her 3rd album, not her sophomore. Anyway, WOW, Price is actually gonna be on someone else’s album? He must be really changing his ways I see…..maybe because he is getting older and is loosening up his stubborn creative ways to stay likeable. Either way, like someone else said, I think thanks to her crossover success from last year, she will be in the big leagues real soon.


    Bz Reply:

    “Prince.” Excuse my typo. Wish Rapup used Disqus so you can edit your comments


    CharlieTheUnicorn Reply:

    @Bz, no they’re right it is her sophomore album…third official release but 2nd album…if you are referring to “The Audition”, it was never officially released. and if you are referring to Suite 1, that was an EP.

    i am so proud of her and what is to come of Electric Lady


    Bz Reply:

    @CharlieTheUnicorn, ok, Suite one was a ep, thank you


    Atila Ray-Jon Reply:

    @CharlieTheUnicorn, Indeed it is an Ep, but you also have to remember that ‘The Audition’ was technically her first album. You had ‘The Audition, Metropolis: The Chase Suite, The ArchAndroid, and now The Electric Lady.’ So when you look at it it’s really her third. Just like with Dawn Richard, Dawn Angelique was her first album before her Diddy, but she discredits it as being her first album. Janelle does the dame thing with The Audition. So, that’s why they’re saying it’s her second album.


  4. T

    I really hope she reaches a bigger audience this time around. She’s been grinding at this for years and now doesn’t have Diddy infamously holding her back.


  5. Justin

    Not to be nitpicky, but how, if at all, does Suite IV come into play here? Since the last “album” was the equivalent of 2 suites, this can’t just be the fourth suite & that’s it. Has she just abandoned that whole concept? I wouldn’t be mad, I’m just curious…


  6. Kate



  7. Bitch Dwntkillmyvibe

    Yessss Rihanna cant’ wait for the 8th album honey!


  8. Liquorice

    I cannot wait for Janelle to slay me again. Janelle Monàe is a true artist, serving flawless music everything. On top of that, she is an amazing performer on stage. I love her so much.


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