Rihanna Stages Photo Shoot at Eiffel Tower

Rihanna and Melissa Forde

Rihanna’s adventures in Paris continue. After getting the keys to Coco Chanel’s apartment earlier in the week, the bad gal posed for an impromptu photo shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower with her friends on Friday.

Sporting ripped jeans and a midriff-baring top, RiRi took out her Tupac-encased iPhone and snapped some photos of her crew, including her BFF Melissa Forde and assistant Jennifer Rosales. They smiled for some silly pics and mean mugged for the camera as tourists stopped and stared.

But it hasn’t been all fun and games. The pop superstar is overseas on her “Diamonds World Tour,” which heads to Australia and Asia later this year.

Check out more pics from RiRi’s fun shoot below.

Photo credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Jess

    This site stans for Rihanna. Next story will be a live stream of her waking up in the am, I expect.


    maya Reply:

    @Jess, lmao


    akrhh Reply:

    @Jess, lmao so true


    BEENTRILL Reply:

    Urgh! Don’t nobody want to see that dude looking statue Melissa… Kmt


    ArchBishopOprah Reply:

    @Jess, lmao I can’t


  2. Frenchie97

    jkifferai tellement la voir en vrai! RIdin in Paris!


    x Reply:

    @Frenchie97, elle est super belle en vrai en plus aussi


  3. kate

    she is so cute. i love her personality.



    Glad for her, her friend looks like Tyler, The Creator


    Audi RS5 Reply:



  5. nicca

    why the hell she is always actin like a BAD GIRL? touching your vagina aint make you a bad girl


  6. Speechless

    oh hi Wesley!


  7. Rihanna Stages Photo Shoot at Eiffel Tower | Twitpics Daily

    [...] …read more   [...]

  8. Bz

    She looks very sexy, but I hate these blonde wigs she wears. Her short edgy looks set her aside from all the other Beyonce wannabes.


  9. xedos

    Stadium status tonight in Paris 80,000 strong cannot be wrong


  10. boom boom

    she goes from Paris, to Australia, to Asia! she’s SO international!


  11. Audi RS5

    her friend is ugly and weird looking


  12. Arno

    i hate that melissa bitch…..so ugly and she’s behind riri for $$$


    twe Reply:

    @Arno, you dont even know them you fucking spectator. you bloggers make me so sick with you false judgments about people you dont even know.


  13. Shae

    Her friend looks like Wiz Khalifa with a wig on lol!!! I love RiRi tho. She better keep an eye on that K Rose chic, shes a bad little chic


  14. K3LLY

    her bestfriend is ugly af! #ijs rihanna looks nice though.


  15. SHAWTY

    One of My Favorite Couples! Love is In the Air!!


  16. 121



  17. You Thought It I Post It

    #ThatShitCray #BallSoHard #BitchesInParis


  18. Ciara QUEEN Harris

    Both of them are fugly ewwwww


  19. GetYoLife

    Her abs are one point though. Btw doesn’t Melissa have a life besides following Rihanna everywhere she goes???


  20. bibi93

    According to a friend who was there, her show was ridiculous yesterday evening in paris… Only playback…


    pierre Reply:

    @bibi93, I was there and it was mind blowing. Seriously the best concert I’ve been to.


  21. ldragon

    Why has Rap up stopped posting pics of Rihanna’s latest tour and travels???


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