Miley Cyrus Twerks at Juicy J Concert

Juicy J and Miley Cyrus

Juicy J brought out Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa at his “Stay Trippy” show in L.A. last night, but the most surprising guest was Miley Cyrus. As money piled on the stage at the House of Blues, the pop star twerked to the Memphis rapper’s hit “Bandz a Make Her Dance.”

“Miley Cyrus twerked on stage tonite! The crowd went crazy!” tweeted Juicy J.

The 20-year-old is no stranger to twerking. She previously showed the world what she was working with in a viral video.

Just last week, Miley debuted her Mike WiLL Made It-produced single “We Can’t Stop,” which is currently in the top 10 on iTunes.

Watch bandz make Miley dance.

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  1. .

    Yasssssss Miley. The kids worth over 100 million but still twerkin for them dollar bills.


    collen Reply:

    @., I love this comment so much.


  2. joseph

    she wants to be a black so hard!! but staytru


  3. kate

    yas she want to be a black


  4. lala

    shes just havin fun!


  5. Ryan

    I like her but I don’t see it good for her in some years. I hope she doesn’t end bad like Rihanna.


    Bri Reply:

    @Ryan, how she going to end up like rihanna there is nothing wrong with rihanna


    Dan Reply:

    @Bri, go see Rihanna, circa 2007. Good girl gone bad indeed.


  6. T

    Man, what happened to her? How awkward.


  7. Sharlyn

    Black culture is popular. Black people aren’t.


    Ultimate Reply:




    FlySly Reply:

    @Sharlyn, !!!!!!


    Girl Bye Reply:

    @Sharlyn, Yassss best comment on this website cuz its so true


  8. infamous

    Her ass needs to be fatter!!!


  9. nick

    No booty


  10. turquoise.

    She is trying way too hard. Next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    GO MILEY!!!! Her dad been having her locked up for all those years, now she is free and can do w/e she wants!!! KEEP TWERKIN GIRL & DO YOU & BE YOUR SELF! FUCK THE HATERS!!!


  12. Bri

    I like Miley but she just trying get attention because nobody really talks about her anymore


  13. Chris

    Just another Black girl lost…..


  14. You Thought It I Post It

    Looks like we have another Amanda Bynes on our hands!


    Ice Reply:

    @You Thought It I Post It,

    I really was thinking it.


  15. Kenyon Green

    Get it Miley I’m not mad!


  16. DatDude

    Ever thought that maybe that just how she actually is ?


    DatDude Reply:

    @DatDude, that’s*


    TrinaFan Reply:

    @DatDude, yes! Had no idea only black people can shake their butts and enjoy bandz a make her dance. This world is so prejudice. Lets looks past color people!


  17. Lisa

    She did better than I expected her to.


  18. goodoljay

    It’s just a phase. That white skin and the acceptance that comes along with it ain’t gon’ go to waste. Years from now she’ll be reminiscing about this troubling time of hers and clowning herself like, “What the fk was I thinking!?”


    Frankie Reply:

    @goodoljay, Exactly.


    BlueEyedSoulHater Reply:

    @goodoljay, Using Black people to make money off of. Elvis did the exact same thing


  19. [NEWS] Miley Cyrus Twerks at Juicy J Concert | Miley Cyrus | :: Your best 24/7 daily source for Miley Cyrus

    [...] Source: [...]

  20. Drake mars

    In the words of Charlemagne tha god.. “She wanna be ratchet pussy so bad”


  21. Cashavelli

    I respect everyone for doing interviews to keep tha fans tuned in. @jojo I just wanted to say your beautiful as well as your voice I’m an independent up n come inch artist you’ll be the first on my collab list. Wow I’m still stuck amazing performance.


  22. jeanquila

    get after it girl. do ya thaaaang.


  23. DatDude

    @TrinaFan, Thank you, we need to enjoy the moment rather than reject others and fall into the stereotype by the way we act


  24. Damn!

    Ya’ll wrong. Lol. She was hitting that shit. She having fun!


  25. lexx_Janay

    Im over the miley cyrus “twerkin” phase…she’s not even really twerkin! Im sleep though…


  26. Shae

    Noooooooo! Not Hannah Montana!


  27. Jblaze

    just because white girl wants to twerk doesnt consider her black. ya’ll fckin nuts! and this is coming from a black man. any female can twerk! “THE FCK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT ISH!”


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