New Music: Kelly Rowland f/ Wiz Khalifa – ‘Gone’

Wiz Khalifa and Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland kicks her man to the curb on “Gone,” her collaboration with Wiz Khalifa. Over a snapping beat, produced by Harmony, the Destiny’s Child diva sings about a man who played with her heart and let her slip away. But she’s done putting up with his games.

Wiz lends some support to his “sister,” telling her man to pack his bags and hit the road.

The track borrows a sample from Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi,” which Janet Jackson also sampled on her 1997 single “Got ‘Til It’s Gone.”

In addition to Wiz, Talk a Good Game (June 18) features Beyoncé, Michelle Williams, Pharrell, Pusha T, and The-Dream.

Listen to Kelly say adios to her man on “Gone.”

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  1. Beauty Queen

    aye….this my sh*t. C’mon June 18


  2. Kam

    Kelly just made me more excited for Talk a Good Game. YES


  3. Mk

    June 18 couldn’t come any faster


  4. kate

    kelly how i love you everyone please buy her album


  5. Mr. Westcoast

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…. June 18th!


  6. Audi RS5

    lmao that looks nothing like kelly in the pic


  7. GoodMusic

    I’m Happy that r&b is coming back! That’s all the kid got to say.


  8. Bx

    Feelin’ it, a lot, minus Kalifa’s versus unfortunately. Probably the one song that I have heard so far that it didn’t take me a couple of times to get used to. I may have to check out this album next week


  9. arno

    Damn that was good kelly!


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  11. Alshakirr

    I just love that this is some Real R&B and she should be getting at least 5 Grammys from this album talk A Good Game June 18th let’s go !!!


  12. RashidaGurl

    Yes Kelly!!!! Thank you for this!!!


  13. Mr. Westcoast

    Really dope! I’m feeling this new Kelly


  14. Rowlandstoner

    She did that. “Talk a Good Game” June 18. I’m so excited for this Album. She performed this on the lights Out Tour and she killed it!!!


  15. Jay

    I listened to gone,no 1,street life,I remember,you changed,this is love and I have to say if this album doesn’t get Kelly the respect she deserves I don’t know what will.The quality of the songs,the lyrical content,Kelly’s voice everything is on point.kisses shouldn’t have been the first single it doesn’t represent the quality and greatness of the album.


  16. Sushi

    Lol, from Left to Right of that photo, with their initials:

    but if we’re going to with Will, then it’s:


  17. Sushi

    I’m definitely going to get this album


  18. Kemar

    I love it! This album is shaping up to be a good one. I’m so proud of you Kelly and your success. I can’t wait to see you on X-Factor and for you to resume your tour. Much love!

    Talk A Good Game in stores and on iTunes/Amazon June 18th!


  19. Quinn

    It’s okay, nothing mind blowing …. which basically sums up her solo career. I feel like I’m the only person not fawning over “Dirty Laundry” and this is a very forgettable track not to mention she has a boring, bland, predictable ass rapper on it. Anyway, much luck to her. I’d forgotten she was dropping June 18 what with Cole & Kanye in the limelight.


    OVO. Reply:

    @Quinn, let’s pretty much sum up your career oh wait you’re on a blog taking time of your day to 1. Listen to a Kelly song 2. Type a long as essay 3. Be a Hater.

    Poor you.


  20. Roc

    Sound like Fantasia’s fly like a bird song. Harmony must have produced this record. I love this song kelly!


  21. steve

    if this is called sampling a sample then its a good one. The song is interesting, goofy and easy on ear. With a great video this is going to be a crossover hit . Can’t wait till the album drops. This time the music has content plus listening to wiz khalifa sing at the end cracked me up. Kudos .


  22. kaka

    yaaaaaassss kellllyyyy


  23. djustice

    I love kelly and im so excited for this album. i really hope she wins with this one!!!!


  24. Savt1st

    Everything in Destinys Child and her solo love life has polished her to be a great solo act, and she better bring it this era (her lights out tour tells me she is going for more a feeling/emotion than technique and perfection) but I missed that about her in Destinys child…. Kelly prove to us you can do it with costumes, notes, foot work, etc. cause I am going to buy this album.


  25. Sticks And Stones

    Amber’s face is still sick!!!


  26. Jay

    YEEEESSS KELLY!!!!! I’m lovin this right here!! I love her so much for using that sample. It’s perfect! This has me so excited to hear Kelly’s new album!!! :)


  27. Jarboo

    Nice one Ms Kelly, u da boss.


  28. Jay-Me

    It’s the weakest track I’ve heard from the album so far but I love the sample I’m still excited for Talk A Good Game. Think Kelly’s come into her own.


  29. Jay

    Where do u hear those other songs at ?


  30. Julia J

    Just heard “UNITY” on the radio .. love this song by Kelly Rowland =)


  31. kaka

    go kelly gooooo yasssss


  32. dbobb199

    yessss get that kelly!


  33. Bow Down

    June 18th ‘Talk a Good Game’ lets get it can’t wait


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