Tracklisting: Skylar Grey – ‘Don’t Look Down’

Don't Look Down

It’s been a long time coming, but Skylar Grey is finally ready to drop her debut. With Eminem serving as executive producer, the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter assembles 12 tracks, with appearances from Big Sean, Travis Barker, Angel Haze, and Slim Shady, who appears on the single “C’mon Let Me Ride.” Alex Da Kid and J.R. Rotem also lend their production skills.

“I come from a singer-songwriter world,” Grey tells Rolling Stone. “I grew up making folk music, then slowly worked into pop, and then I’ve done the hip-hop stuff. So now what I’m doing is a combination of all that. It’s singer-songwriter mixed with the hip-hop influences.”

She plans to release four songs off the album in advance of the July 9 release including “Final Warning,” “Wear Me Out,” and “Ride.”

See the tracklisting below.

Don’t Look Down Tracklisting

1. “Back From the Dead” feat. Big Sean and Travis Barker
2. “Final Warning”
3. “Wear Me Out”
4. “Religion”
5. “C’mon Let Me Ride” feat. Eminem
6. “Sunshine”
7. “Pulse”
8. “Glow in the Dark”
9. “Shit, Man!” feat. Angel Haze
10. “Clear Blue Sky”
11. “Tower (Don’t Look Down)”
12. “White Suburban”

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  1. Chris

    I’m buying it.


  2. Jay

    Yeah man!!! I’m definitely buy Skylar’s album! She has me so intrigued with this sound that she has. It’s very unique and I love it. Can’t wait!!! :)


  3. MotownClown

    Eminem said, Big Sean get on my girls album and then we can talk about me being on yours haha. I love my Detroit Artists….GO LIONS!


  4. Joseph k.

    Ive been waiting for this album for two years so im glad that this is finally coming out, im buying two copies.


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