Video: U.G.L.Y. f/ Maad Scientist – ‘REDD’


Chris Brown steps behind the camera once more, directing the video for “REDD,” the debut single from his group U.G.L.Y. (Underneath Greatness Lies You). The trio, comprised of Mijo, Braxton, and former Miss Teen USA Stormi Henley, is signed to Chris’ CBE label.

The gory visuals were filmed on an L.A. soundstage last fall. A nearly-naked Stormi is strapped to a gurney and bloods soaks the white walls in the scary scenes straight out of a horror flick.

“We’re a melting pot of music,” guitarist Braxton told E! Online. “It’s a cross section of R&B, reggae, punk, electronic music, and all of our other influences. The goal is to reach as many people as possible. We’re pushing boundaries and incorporating so many styles into what we do.”

See the nightmare unfold in the frightening clip.

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    … wtf





    CharlieTheUnicorn Reply:

    @TEYANATAYLOR, not sure if this is really Tey but the song Tey did with U.G.L.Y. was called Wasted


    Kenny Reply:

    @CharlieTheUnicorn, and songs called teeth and numb back then they were with more people but teyana, rob harris, stacie king and iatee left


    Marybishes Reply:

    @Kenny, they did not left Stacey got kicked out the group, Rob couldnt get signed only Iatee left cause of a fight with one of the members…


  3. theKi

    *waits for the uneducated R&B stans who think that’s all there is to music throw shade*


  4. Mrunhateable

    I gave it a try and it felt very forced. I don’t mind the dark theme but I just felt like it wasn’t them. They should try be edgy and move away from the dark theme cuz it comes off very unnatural and forced. Plus the song was wack


  5. yourboycelebrity

    That was Dope!!!!! Maddscientst is a dope Producer!!! Good to see he is still in the game! Loved the Horror movie theme!


  6. You Thought It I Post It

    This is just sad, disturbing, pathetic and a waste of my time!!


  7. ed

    This is so bad. Lmao


  8. wonderland19

    Like the song a lot. I feel the video is quite dated. They could have been more original considering its there first single and the director was chris brown. The fake blood was so over kill and not creative at all.
    These guys have potential tho. Maybe the next No Doubt.


  9. #RihannaNAVi

    stupid shit not even available for the UK!


  10. MRB

    I think this is a hot video and very creative. I think people are missing the point of whats going here. He’s stepping up his game as an producer and mega song writter! Chris Brown is not playing with these haters.


  11. teambreezy

    Clearly anything attached to Chris Brown’s name will draw out the biased folks who for whatever reason don’t like him(never met the man)…sad folks can’t think for themselvesand allow the media to influence the so much.

    That being said, I say this is a good firt attempt by Chris, kinda creepy but still good. The song is hot in my opinion I would love to see them live with a band its probably sickening


  12. from france!


    I’m waiting for the next to come


  13. toast2themosthigh

    I was completely fine with this song till them 2 niggas starting…singing?…sing/rapping?………like why are they even there?


    Deedee Reply:

    @toast2themosthigh, weeeell, they are in the band… Lmao


  14. Deedee

    Hella creepy but I liked it. I like the band too. Can’t wait for their next stuff. I waited sooooo long for this vid. And I love Mijo’s voice! \(^_^)/


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