Fantasia Shares Her Testimony on ‘Today’


Fantasia rose bright and early for her appearance on the “Today” show on Wednesday. The R&B songstress sat down with Kathie Lee and Hoda to chat about her roller-coaster ride following “American Idol.”

“I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s a part of my testimony and it made me the woman that I am today,” said Tasia.

Despite all she’s overcome in the past, she’s feeling back on top. “I’m in a great place now. You couldn’t give me a million dollars to take away what I feel right now,” she said.

Fantasia learned to speak Italian while opening for Andrea Bocelli. “It was a challenge for me, but I like challenges,” said Tasia, who duets with the Italian tenor at his shows.

She also left with a pricey parting gift courtesy of Kathie Lee.

Check out her visit to “Today” below.

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  1. Quest

    Speak Italian lmfao …. she can barely speak English, let alone read or write it. And let’s not even talk about her taking that man from his wife and children.


    jrsells Reply:

    @Quest, Oh that little rant made you feel important huh! What a loser to speak negative on someone’s life… Obviously she speaks English, reads, and write well! Well enough to cash the checks, sign those controls and have some type of value to her life.. Not sit behind a computer throwing insults and speaking negatively on a person life which you have NO CLUE about! carry on, but please don’t forget to kill yourself in the process, lol… freaking bum!


    joyce cunningham Reply:

    @jrsells, thank you, for responding to the previous person…


  2. Amanda

    Fantasia looks and sounds beautiful! I seen her and Andrea Bocelli last week in concern and SHE WAS AMAZING!!! What an experience that i will never forget! I knew she was good but she is a really phenomenal talent! I’m a new fan, GO FANTASIA!


    ras Reply:

    @Amanda, join fantasiaville its a fansite where you get all the info on her


  3. Kanicka

    FANTASIA is Beautiful! Go girl!


  4. ras

    so happy for fantasia see hater she’s singing in italian talk now


  5. bigpopp23

    I’m proud of her…. she came a long way, and her album is dope af! spilled her heart out on every song…. and glad she wasnt screaming liek she usually do cause lord knows my ears couldn’t take it back in the day lol! I’m ready for a next album from her now


  6. Bx

    Last time I checked, she won in 2004, Rubben Studdard won in 2003, so that makes 9 years, not 10. When will these people get it right.


  7. nia

    ive always loved fantasia sooo much and I wish nothing but the best 4 her


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