Robin Thicke Hits No. 1 with ‘Blurred Lines’

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke is celebrating a milestone as “Blurred Lines” becomes his first No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 this week.

The Pharrell and T.I.-assisted song jumps 6-1 on the chart, according to Billboard. It is the first single and title track off Thicke’s upcoming sixth album, due July 30.

“Lines” has crossed the 1 million downloads threshold. His previous biggest hit was 2007′s “Lost Without U,” which peaked at No. 14 on the Hot 100.

The funky jam also becomes Thicke’s third No. 1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart following “Lost Without U” and 2010’s “Sex Therapy.”

Thicke’s collaborator T.I. earns his fourth Hot 100 No. 1, while Pharrell picks up his third.

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus debuts at No. 11 this week with her Mike WiLL Made It-produced single “We Can’t Stop.”

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  1. EL


    The song of the summer. Boop.


  2. Ryan

    What the? The song is boring as hell


  3. Phoenix Wright

    Amazing, so many people didnt see it for this song and he just surpassed all of the artists that he is constantly compared to. I hope the album is great as well. Congrats!!!


  4. Zackf

    T.I. made this song, congratz to him and the entire team of course!


  5. Shutterbug

    I’m sorry sir, but the album is still gonna flop. That #1 spot on July 30 is gonna belong to K. Michelle’s “Rebellious Soul”!


    C94B Reply:


    LMAO aye that’s some funny sh!t


    Liquorice Reply:

    @Shutterbug, lmfao @ K. Michelle being #1 on the BB 200.


    LOLatHaters Reply:

    @Shutterbug, just like her single is slaying the charts huh?


  6. Cici

    Finally REAL music back at #1! :)


  7. Chris

    I’d be lying if I said it was one of his better singles but he is long overdue some chart topping success.


  8. 2bad2bme

    Now People wanna hate…lol R&B is back at #1! #ilive


  9. Good Motherfuckin Music

    new age quality pop song, he deserves it


  10. youbmad

    Yess! Im soo happy about r&b artist number 1..but isnt bruno mars r&b? idk but anyway i got one word..pharell,ha!


  11. eyfresh

    Errrrrbody get down!!!


  12. Oh God Why

    Congrats Robin. Let’s hope this turns music back into a better direction…..far far far far far away from this EDM Crap


  13. Kyle

    I have to admit, when I watched this video a little over two months ago I would’ve NEVER thought it would become as big as it has. Congrats to Robin Thicke; an artist I have been heavily supporting since 2006. I own all his albums and always thought he deserved more credit than what he has been given. I love his new song “For The Rest of my Life.” That is CLASSIC ROBIN right there!


  14. Rachel

    This song is not my cup of tea at all. However, I’m happy for him. Now let’s see if people will show up and buy his album.


  15. G-STAR

    pharrell’s bringing that 80′s funky flavor back… with his get lucky track and twisted/usher collab yeah!!!!


  16. x

    Anything besides EDM is welcome by me


  17. Bobs

    Recycled Madonna track from hard candy.


    RealTalk Reply:

    @Bobs, god you kids don’t know ANYTHING about music…. it’s a take on Marvin Gayes “got to give it up” track… y’all don’t know sh*t nowadays


  18. Speechless

    Dang I didnt realize Robin Thicke had so many haters! Lol yall mad huh?


  19. Hugh

    Congrats. Not really a fan of the song tho-


  20. RealTalk

    How many bumps did you guys do off the coffee table this morning? THIS SONG SUCKKKSSSSSSSSSSS ASSSSSS$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !!!! ITS A HORRRRRIBBBBLLLLEEEEE TAKE ON MARVIN GAYES GOT TO GIVE IT UP!!!!!!! OH MY GOD THIS SONG SUXXXXX….


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