New Music: Pusha T f/ 2 Chainz & Big Sean – ‘Who I Am’

Who I Am

G.O.O.D. Music is in the building. In anticipation of his upcoming album My Name Is My Name, Pusha T drops some more heat for the streets with “Who I Am” featuring 2 Chainz and Big Sean.

“They said be all you can be/ They said the truth set you free,” raps Pusha on the gritty anthem, produced by Mano and Kanye West.

Hear him empower the people with his wicked wordplay.

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  1. T

    So, are all these guys going to star this new wave of not having single covers just because Kanye did it? If so, stop. It’s annoying.


    Ice Reply:

    @T, If they’re gonna do it, they could have atleast put the title of the song on it. It’s so cheesy to put “No Artwork 2″ on it.


    NEUTRON Reply:

    @Ice, Ummm technically Pusha did it first… BACK IN APRIL


    J Reply:

    @NEUTRON, thank you for educated these kids, they obviously didnt see that it said “No Artwork 2″


  2. keep it real

    this sounds goooooooood ;)


  3. Ciara QUEEN Harris



    Truth Reply:

    @Ciara QUEEN Harris, How much will ciaras album sell in its first week?


    BowDownToBey Reply:

    @Truth, It will sell 2k..Even with that clown nicki in it wont help its sales


    Ciara QUEEN Harris Reply:

    @BowDownToBey, more than pusha flop


  4. Justsaying

    intellectuals will only half listen.


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