J. Cole Performs at ‘Big Boy’s Backstage Breakfast’

J. Cole

J. Cole gave an intimate performance at Universal Studios Hollywood for “Big Boy’s Backstage Breakfast” on Power 106. The Roc Nation MC, who is currently playing $1 shows on his “Dollar & a Dream” tour, delivered old and new material including “Lights Please,” “Nobody’s Perfect,” “Can’t Get Enough,” “Power Trip,” and his latest single “Crooked Smile.”

His sophomore album Born Sinner will compete with Kanye West’s Yeezus on June 18. “It was more of a competitive move,” said Cole. “I’m a fan so I know how huge he is, and I’m not just battling Kanye West. I’m battling Kim Kardashian, the Yeezys, the baby. I realize that, I understand that, but the competitive side of me is like, ‘Yo, I’m bringing something to the table too, and check me out the same day.’”

He also discussed his first job, his crush on Alicia Keys, and getting the cold shoulder from Jay-Z.

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  1. Ciara QUEEN Harris

    Kanye will wipe this bammer off the map


    Grace Reply:

    @Ciara QUEEN Harris, At least he’s SEEN the map. Can Ciara say the same?


    Ciara QUEEN Harris Reply:

    @Grace, Ciara has two platinum albums, Grammy and a single that was #1 for 2 months….can J Clown say the same?


    K Reply:

    @Ciara QUEEN Harris, Two out of four…let’s just say 5. LOL


    XO till we overdose... Reply:

    @Ciara QUEEN Harris, we’re living in 2013, join us, will you?


    Hoodrat Tendencies Reply:

    @Ciara QUEEN Harris, like Beyonce and Rihanna wiped Ciara off the map? Oh.


  2. Miguel

    …he’s awkwardly cute to me. random thoughts.


  3. Victoria

    Love J. Cole, but I am CRYING at him talking about competing with Kim and the baby … he is sooo crazy!! On a more serious note, people really underestimate this man and his fan base. I was at the Miami Dollar & a Dream tour and there were people that couldn’t even get in so he had to do a second show! Yes, Kanye is one of the best rappers alive, but Cole is a part of that new class with Drake and Kendrick. Don’t take this guy lightly. The real fans will show up and purchase the album while others have already preordered or will order on iTunes.


  4. Cole

    I didnt realize how skinny he was. I need his new album asap tho


  5. Hoodrat Tendencies

    Love this cutie! Crooked Smile is my shit


  6. from france!

    Lights pleaaaaaase is his best song!!!!

    addicted to power trip nowadays


  7. Sushi

    Ugh. Why is he so HOT!?!?!?!?? And WHY does he have to be a celeb? He’s soo unreachable T_T


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