Ariana Grande and Mac Miller Perform ‘The Way’ on ‘Fallon’

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande

While promoting his album Watching Movies With the Sound Off in New York, Mac Miller stopped by “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” to perform with his pal Ariana Grande. Following their appearance on “Ellen” last month, the two delivered their hit collaboration “The Way” with some help from The Roots.

“Can’t believe we got to perform with The Roots. Mac killed it as always. Thanks again Jimmy Fallon,” tweeted Ariana.

Mac also guested on “106 & Park” earlier in the day, where he revealed his dream collaboration with Missy Elliott. “I want her to take me to do a club record, but I want it to be a weird club record,” said Mac. “Missy Elliott really knows how to do the creative everything.”

A flattered Missy responded on Twitter, writing, “Thank u SO MUCH @MacMiller 4 the Luv u showed me on tv 2day! I am humbly grateful!!! C ya soon *hugs u*”

Check out both of Mac’s appearances below.

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  1. Hug me

    Wow what a voice


  2. ciara my princess

    mariah could neveR


  3. MayZiin

    i don’t particularly like her but she’s GREAT


  4. Kam

    This was great considering that she was sick.


  5. Mc

    Leave mariah out of this this girl needs to find her own style


  6. Yeezus Christ

    wac miller is horrible


  7. caesarlivenloud

    a young mariah carey :)


  8. Kyle

    This is literally just the beginning for her. There is NO DENYING that voice. I didn’t know she could sing like that before watching this performance. Damn…


  9. TRP

    This record is so dope, her voice is amazing. I see bright things for this girl in the future.


  10. Girl Bye

    She’s a cute girl, has a nice voice but she needs to add some spark to when she performs…Mac Miller is just irritating.


  11. soulwoman

    nice, but she needs to find her own – this has written mariah all over


  12. FlySly

    her voice is AMAZING. She needs to work on herstage presence tho.





  14. Shaddy

    that day she was sick and she still killed it :)!


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