Beyoncé and Kanye West
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Beyoncé Congratulates Kim and Kanye on Their Baby

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West received thousands of messages from friends and fans following the birth of their daughter over the weekend. The couple’s friend Beyoncé also took time out to congratulate them.

In a note posted on her website, the pop superstar wished the new mom and dad on the joyous occasion.

“Congratulations Kim & Kanye. Enjoy this beautiful moment together,” said Blue Ivy’s mom, who has written kind notes to Michelle Obama, Gabby Douglas, and Prince in the past.

Kim’s sister Khloe also celebrated the newest addition to the Kardashian family. “I can not even begin 2describe the miracle that is now apart of our family. Mommy/baby are healthy &resting. We appreciate all of the love,” she tweeted.

Kanye celebrated his first Father’s Day on Sunday. The experience has forever changed him. “ANY KANYE SHOW FROM NOW ON WILL BE FOREVER TURNT UP,” wrote his friend Virgil Abloh.

Congrats to Kim and Kanye


    She’s so annoying!
    Everything doesn’t have to be so damn grand…

    • JHP

      @POISONED HONEY, Yeah, one of her best friends having his first child is no big deal at all, she’s definitely being annoying by congratulating him like any other person would when their friend brought a new life into the world, get off her case. Just nit-picking at reasons to hate.

      • Bougie Kid

        @JHP, It’s the way she’s announcing it. How dumb can you be? A simple phone call will suffice.

    • Juicy


    • Jove

      She close to Kanye y wouldn’t get gesture b grand and I’m sure she called as well but the point of social media ie. twitter is to say what u want plus it ain’t that hard to make that little banner ever heard of emoji apps?

  • will

    I did the same..does that deserves a new post??

    • Chris

      @will, You’re not Beyoncé.

  • MayZiin

    Every breathe she takes ends up on a post , the congratulation is just a congratulation it’s not that big but it’s normal tho i don’t see why it would be something to hate about

  • Ijs

    Like forreal tho, everything this lady does ends up on this site.

    Next Post: Beyonce has woken up, & had egg-whites & toast for breakfast…

    Moral of the story is….We really don’t care Rap-up….

    • Chris

      @Ijs, & yet you cared enough to reply to it, how does that make sense? If you REALLY didn’t care you wouldn’t have even clicked on the article.

    • tew

      @Ijs, i agree. shit is ridiculous.
      @chris bringing something to someone’s attention is not an admission of caring. grow the hell up.

  • meme

    do she not have his number? Why da f is she even speaking? she should not be allowed to speak on anything until we get music. Just go the hell away if your not bringing out music. I dont get it, Hov and Ye and rihanna could come out of no where and give us album announcement with the album release in weeks. Here we are 6months after we expected new music and not even an announcement…just go the hell away plz.

    • Mohamed

      @meme, Go die, bitch.

    • karamelkisses

      @meme, for someone who’s not a fan of beyonce, you sure are pressed for some music from her. go play in downtown traffic during rush hour honey! by the way, i’m sure she has his number like russell simmons, t.i & anyone else in r&b/hip hop but she did what everyone else did … congratulate him (and his baby’s muva) via social media. fyi, ye & jay have been working on their respective albums for the past year. rihanna, well we all know all her music is microwavable that’s why she drops the same album every year w/ a different title & hair color. fyi, bey most likely won’t drop anything until later this year due to releases from kelly & michelle since people love to make them be in competition.

      • Meme

        @karamelkisses, how’s are you? First off I’ve been a beyonce fan for half of my life.

        Secondly how can you say Rihanna makes the same album each year? Have you heard Diamonds, Stay or Pour it up? Please give one cross reference of anything in her catelog that sounds even slightly similar? In fact Rihanna is the only black female artist that gives variety, music that stretch across a wide range of genres each time. Unlike beyonce who spent her entire career and dc3 careers singing female anthems over dated r&b beats. Get on the bus, bills, bug a boo, independent woman, irreplaceable, single ladies, run the world, best thing I never had, grown woman are all the same song. Just different tired r&b production

        • karamelkisses

          @Meme, first off, if it’s all the same, why is your tired ass pressed for more of the same? secondly, i couldn’t name a thing in rihanna’s “catalogue” because i don’t listen to mediocre artist making mediocre music that can barely carry a tune on a studio track let alone live. you are a complete contradiction … first you want music, then it’s all the same. when you take your bipolar medication & a nap then you can get back to me!

        • karamelkisses

          @Meme, p.s when referencing bey’s music … don’t forget non radio singles like flaws and all, satellites, beautiful & you are my roc not just the radio monsters that she’s released during her illustrious career. #nicetrythough

          • meme

            @karamelkisses, radio monsters? lol what radio station do you listen to? must be the ghetto stations. Becuz top 40 radio (radio that matters) never plays anything from beyonce. You may hear irreplaceable or halo once a week. rihanna horrible sounding ass is played every hour…songs dating back to her very first album. You are a straight up hater if you think rihanna music is mediocre. Lets me real, beyonce sings way better than rihanna does but no way in hell does her music have more substance than rihannas. Rihannas dance records like we found love have better production/lyrics and substance than beyonces slow songs with all those tacky lyrics she tries to write. %80 of beyonces catalog is tacky. The other %20 comes from writers who she stole credit from.

          • karamelkisses

            @meme, yes radio monsters, bitch you can read but definitely not spell as proven in your above statement. because i don’t play w/ children, i’ll end the argument w/ this: rihanna’s “catalogue” credits belong to numerous writers & producers NONE belong to her. if you think songs like pour it or rude boy are songs of substance, then you are even dumber and even more foolish than i ever fathomed. rihanna is a fad, a flash in the pan … beyonce has seen a million rihanna(s) come and go in her 16 year career of being relevant. fact is, when dc first came out there was only radio & music videos. you had to have legit talent to be a “star”. thanks to instagram, facebook, twitter, etc empty shells like rihanna, justin beiber, carly rae jepsen, one direction, etc are popular. she’s not impressive at all. ever wonder why no one in the industry tauts on the 12 #1 hits? because it’s not impressive when you release an album every year. her delusional fans/stans keep her relevant & when you all grow up & realize the facade she sells is just that, a facade … her simple career, much like this conversation, will be OVER!

  • Cunt

    Why is this a post?

  • ramsy

    holy shit why is this news. post some music by some unknown musicians and stop gossiping on every story. stop being assholes.

  • bigman

    everyone stop blaming beyonce she’s doing what any friend would blame rap up for posting something so irrelevant.

  • Honest

    So, no one found it shady that she didn’t hand write this one? lol

  • Kate

    She want to show us that she congrats to kanye and kim? Lol B is so

  • Alina Mark

    I don’t know these people doing these things…pregnancy process..What the hell is that..

  • IAmJamesAl

    Bitches post 1800 of the same flat ass face pics on Instagram every day, but it’s a problem for Beyonce to publicly congratulate Kim & Ye??? #GTFOH