Kanye West Premieres ‘American Psycho’-Inspired Short Film

Scott Disick

Kanye West debuted his American Psycho-inspired short film at his L.A. listening party last week. Now on the eve of Yeezus’ release, he presents the film in high quality via his website, KanyeWest.com.

The gory two-minute clip, created by DONDA, stars Scott Disick aka Lord Disick and Kim Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban.

Disick plays a businessman, who is obsessed with Kanye and Yeezus, and goes to great lengths to show his appreciation for the music. When Cheban acts nonchalant about his work, Disick takes an axe and viciously murders him.

“Try getting the Yeezus album now, motherfucker!” he yells as blood spews everywhere.

Watch the carnage unfold below.

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  1. Ice

    That was pretty disturbing.


    cassidyboi Reply:

    @Ice, U must not have scene… “American Psycho


    Natasha Reply:

    @cassidyboi, I don’t think “Ice” was speaking about it in those terms.


  2. cassidyboi

    Loved it!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Felipe Cezario

    I’m Scared. lol


  4. trickDaddy/D-Train



  5. Yolanda

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Kim Kardashian should be very afraid.


  6. Mr. Fye

    There was no blood on that axe lol


  7. DRB

    American Psycho is one of my favorite movies!


  8. ML

    Disick obviously cant act. WOAT Idea.


  9. Hugh

    I love Kanye, but this is kind of lame.
    That dude can NOT act!

    Huey Lewis and Wierd Al just did a parody on funny or die that was much better.

    Don’t ruin American Psycho!


  10. ss

    ”And I gotta take all they bad asses to showbiz?” Now you have to Yeezy


  11. tami

    rahhhhhh!!! kanye is a fucking GADDD!!! ___O__


  12. Mimi

    hahaha hilarious. I love scott disick


  13. TrinaFan



  14. soulwoman

    no!sorry, but no!


  15. Sushi

    Kourtney should’ve told Scott that he can’t act.


  16. Troybenz

    I love scott disick not everyone is a great actor but this is not about being a actor this is just a commercial for kanye,s new album but what i will say is that i think its not good that kanye put out album now on this time since he has his baby with kim i think that he should focus on his parenthood


  17. Jlinz

    yall don’t get it the acting was bad on purpose. Yall really need to watch “American Psycho”


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