Kelly Rowland Performs ‘Street Life’ with Pusha T on ‘GMA’

Kelly Rowland

A day after the release of her new album Talk a Good Game, Kelly Rowland made a visit to “Good Morning America.” She sat down with Lara Spencer to discuss the lyrics behind her confessional single “Dirty Laundry.”

“I was going through my own personal battle. So when [Beyoncé's] doing her thing, I’m over here thinking, ‘What am I going to do next? What do I wanna do with my life?’” said Kelly. “The song turned into something so positive for me and I’m so happy that it did.”

While Destiny’s Child has no immediate plans for a reunion, they can all be heard on “You Changed” on Game. “I’m so grateful, I love my girls,” she said.

She also previewed the video for “Dirty Laundry” and hit the stage to perform her new single “Street Life” with Pusha T.

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  1. Beauty Queen

    I am just….SHOCKED! #WOW

    #TalkAGoodGame #OutNOW


  2. Mystery

    WOW! She ate that performance!


  3. TRP

    Why “Street Life”? On Good Morning America though, probably should be promoting “Dirty Laundry” if that’s the second single…or “Gone”. It was a good performance though…..


    RihNaj Reply:

    @TRP, biitch i like street life!! Maybe she’ll promote Gone Or Dirty laundry on the BET Award!


    TRP Reply:

    @RihNaj, One word. LIFELESS.


    Matt Basically Reply:

    @TRP, I think what she’s trying to do is get exposure for as many tracks on the album as possible, instead of performing one over and over, or getting exposure for just one. So she’s performed “Gone”, she performed that song with Dream, and now she’s doing “Street Life”. I have a feeling that she’ll release the video for “Dirty Laundry” this week some time (and she’ll prob perform that one too).


    Jrizzel88 Reply:

    @TRP, Exactly! Wrong song choice for GMA lol…white ppl changed the channel…she shoulda sang “Down On Love” Or the singles you mentioned I agree, “Gone” before “DL” though since it’s more mainstream


    TRP Reply:

    @Jrizzel88, That’s what I’m saying, it’s probably the most urban record on the album!


  4. Real me

    Yesss I’m so happy for her.. Vocals was so on point.. Kelly whatever you doing keep doing it mama.. Now lets see you on the BET awards.. Street life one of my fav of the album.. Kelly will be performing on Wendy next week..


  5. Erik Washington

    DAMN! She was good. Looks, vocals and interview was strong.


  6. Gogo

    You go girl!!!!!


  7. amian

    she was amazing. PERIOD

    kelly is a hard worker she never give up after all what the haters saying over the years.

    she’s a tru survivor


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  9. The Shaded Truth



  10. kelly fan

    Kelly !!! you go girl .. you killed that


  11. MK

    she won’t be on bet awards due to x factor if the rumour is anything to go by


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