Tyler, the Creator Donates Clothes to the Homeless

Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator may get a bad rep, but he has a good heart. The Odd Future leader collected some of his premium streetwear and Golf Wang gear and drove over to Skid Row in downtown L.A. to donate clothes to the homeless.

“I’m about to be a good person for once,” he said as he piled clothes into his car.

“It’s a big ass box of fresh ass clothes right here if any of you motherfuckers need it,” he announced before some homeless rushed in to collect the clothes.

One guy filled his arms with as much as he could carry. “Ya’ll gotta share,” he said before getting more from his car.

Before leaving, he offered some parting words. “I love all ya’ll. God bless America and also don’t do drugs, ya’ll.”

Watch his charitable deed below.

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  1. MSD

    “It’s a big ass box of fresh ass clothes right here if any of you motherfuckers need it”


  2. questionexisting

    I guess no one is 100% evil!


    What Reply:

    @questionexisting, he’s was always a great guy


  3. carlos

    rap-up are always late and poor with odd future news fix up


    diyana Reply:

    @carlos, tbh!


  4. GrownWoman

    He is hilarious! Love him!


  5. Love Lee

    I think I’m the only Bxtch in the world who finds him attractive


    Channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @Love Lee, Nope. My best friend have the biggest crush on him, so does my other friend and so do I. I usually don’t go hard for celebrities like that but some of the boys in Odd Future could get it. Even Syd lol and especially Taco.


    Lee Reply:

    @Love Lee, no I do too. He’s my husband. Lmao


  6. Grace

    I am so conflicted lol. But, yeah, clearly he has a good heart because wasn’t he the one that stopped Frank from committing suicide?


    Miriam Reply:

    @Grace, Im sry but my english is not the best. Did you mean that Franc Ocean wanted to kill himself? I didnt understand that


    Grace Reply:

    @Miriam, Frank Ocean was going to commit suicide until he met Tyler and Golf Wang, as I understand it. He was depressed and down in the dumps about being bisexual, I think. Your English is fine :)


    Miriam Reply:

    @Grace, okay thank you very much, now I understand


  7. Miriam

    I love this dude


  8. WolfGang

    #OFWGKTADGAF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Ya Fav 1ne


    “It’s a big ass box of fresh ass clothes right here if any of you motherf**kers need it,”


    GOLF WANG!!!!


  10. pete

    2 basket of clothes whats that,its nothing bring a full 18 wheeler to the homeless with clothes, only two people benefited from those two baskets,thats what u give after selling ur album


    Tyler Reply:

    @pete, Lol, you’re honestly going to rip on the dude for giving out clothes he doesn’t wear to the homeless? Tyler has always been a great guy and this shows it, he doesn’t need the publicity or to paint himself as a good guy since it’s obvious he finds playing the villain funny. I doubt he’d be able to donate a 18 wheeler full of clothing. I mean I’m sure he could, but it wouldn’t be logical financially. He definitely has a good amount of money, but he’s also definitely not rich. Considering he doesn’t have an annual salary job and a future in the music business isn’t guaranteed, it wouldn’t be wise to blast away a decade’s worth of money.


  11. dodo



  12. Jessie

    Gotta love Tyler GOLFWANG NIQQA


  13. Hugo



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