Wale Shoots ‘Clappers’ Video with Nicki Minaj, Juicy J

Nicki Minaj and Juicy J

Clappers to the set! Wale went in front of the lens to shoot a video for his new single “Clappers” with Nicki Minaj and Juicy J on Tuesday in New York. The head Barb sported a yellow top, gold chains, and Chanel hat while posing with Juicy J in her trailer. Ladies twerked around Wale in front of a graffitied wall and his MMG labelmate Meek Mill stopped by the set.

The strip club record appears on Wale’s album The Gifted, due Tuesday, along with collaborations with Rihanna, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, and more.

Check out some pics from the set of “Clappers” below.

Photos via Twitter and Instagram

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  1. Diego

    Im so sick of this damn site promoting this dumb bitch everyday y’all pathetic asses


    opd2 Reply:

    @Diego, f-ck off and get da f-ck off this sight,who give a d-mn what you thing.


    te Reply:

    @Diego, agreed. that’s why so many people stopped coming here. its like a damn fan site


    Lonnie Reply:

    @Diego, Then stop visiting this site. I hate it too but we all know Rap-up promotes Nicki Minaj.


    queen nicki Reply:

    @Diego, then dont click the link or comment you idiot. hater! bahahah


  2. RihNaj

    NICKII be killing err’body in the game mayn from niggahs to biitches

    Loving these features!! Cant wait for her 3rd ALBUM!!


  3. YO

    man sounds like the same ishh ive heard a million times! music is so boring now cant get a damn good classic anymore! crap song..


  4. Diego

    When nicki sell like missy sold on 1 album she will. B the queen end of story


    Jonathan Reply:

    @Diego, You must don’t check stats do you? Pathetic, she’s THE MOST SUCCESSFUL FEMALE RAPPER TO WALK THIS EARTH!


  5. Will

    THE GIFTED IS FU(KING AWESOME! Far better than I expected! Take a listen! So much good music out right now!


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