J. Cole Brings Out Drake at ‘Dollar & A Dream’ Tour in NYC

J. Cole and Drake

J. Cole performed his album cuts and mixtape material for a packed crowd during his “Dollar & A Dream” tour in NYC last night. There were so many people in line that he decided to do two back-to-back shows. During the second of two sold-out shows at Irving Plaza, he brought out Drake to perform “In the Morning.”

“This ni**a got a lot of hits, but tonight is not about that. You got classic records… Could you please do some shit I guarantee they all will know?” said Cole.

Drake continued, performing “Say What’s Real,” an acapella verse from “No New Friends,” and his hit “Started From the Bottom.”

The crowd sang along as Drizzy bounced around the stage and Cole provided ad-libs. “I was in Toronto like two hours ago,” said Drake, while Cole joked about his private jet. “Stuntin’ on my whole life.”

Watch them shut down the stage.

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  1. CHEP



    carlos Reply:

    @CHEP, cosign


    iL0vee__ Reply:

    @CHEP, Correction j.Cole ….
    J.Cole and Drake or like Tupac & Biggie


    Frankie Reply:

    @CHEP, lmfao!!!!!!


  2. x

    I love that camaraderie is bein valued in hip hop especially with these two talented guys. Born sinner


  3. ANON

    Team Light Skin killin it haha


  4. riphop

    The place turned into Drakes show as soon as he appeared. Them two are the best rappers right now.


  5. Peter

    Grimy niggas pray Cole & Drizzy got beef, but they just seem like two chill dudes.


  6. Sushi

    I shall turn down my earbuds volume, if ever Rap-Up posts another stage performance video T_T


  7. Vicki

    Man, people went crazy for Drake! I love that! J cole seems like a real nice guy too.


  8. Andre

    Oh my god when Drake came on the amount of THHIIRRRSSTTT was unreal! lmfao!!


  9. Hopester

    JCOLE is one smart dude, man!!!
    This guy really knows how to cross market himself…
    First, he is confident to say he’s one the best rappers out, and smoothly associates himself with the likes of Nas ;
    secondly, he has the brilliant audacity to push his Born Sinner to give Kanye fans an alternative….(saying, if you don’t like Yeezus: The Punk Trash Album, get ma shiit!!! You ain’t even gotta wait for another week)….

    Then now he goes out on tour with the Music Industry Darling Boy….I’m talking about packed shows and moving millions of units…..Jeeezuzz Christ, that negga knows what he’s doing!!

    I wish him much success, but I hope five albums down the road he wouldnt become what Kanye West has become!!


    Deidre Reply:

    @Hopester, Very nice deductions!! Completely agree with you….it would break my heart to see him become everything he swore he would never.


  10. GJcole

    This performance just made my day, mad love 4 J. Cole @Hopester agreed. This guy is as smart as hell. He knows what he’s and when to do it. No mistakes made, he’s the shit. and i only wish nothin but the best 4 him. Born Sinner


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