Mariah Carey Hits the Studio with Young Jeezy, Mike WiLL Made It

Young Jeezy and Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is putting some finishing touches on her upcoming album. Last night, she was in the studio with Young Jeezy and producer Mike WiLL Made It (“Bandz a Make Her Dance,” “Pour It Up”) cooking up some new music. Jeezy posted a photo of the two toasting with a glass of champagne.

“Boss ya life up!! #Beautiful #itsthaworld,” tweeted the Snowman, who previously collaborated with Mimi on “Side Effects.” “Knob broke!! Epic nite!!”

Mike WiLL added, “In the yo working with one of the worlds biggest RnB female artist. Another Banger.”

Earlier this month, Mariah was in Capri, Italy, shooting a video with her “#Beautiful” collaborator Miguel.

Her new album The Art of Letting Go is due July 23. She is also set to appear on “The View” on June 28 and perform at the BET Awards on June 30.

Mike WiLL Made It, Young Jeezy, and Mariah Carey

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  1. Jay-Me

    Side Effects is a great song so I can’t wait for this.


  2. DRB

    Hopefully it’s for a remix. I totally prefer an album with no rap features- especially from her at tis point.

    Jeezy, why is your middle finger necessary?


  3. twe

    i hate artists who dickride trends and only work with “in” producers.


    Williams Reply:

    @twe,She worked with Mike Will back in October before all the Mileys on his dick. Label wants the album Friday, told her there ain’t enough bangers so, we wrote a banger


    DRB Reply:

    @Williams, source. What. Who are you?


    Neutral Person Reply:

    @twe, So you hate Rihanna first and foremost, good to know :)


  4. Mc20

    I can’t wait mariah please have up to 17 to 19 songs on this album I know I will be good I’m so hype it’s about time 3 years in the making


  5. Thelovve

    Nick come get yo wife before she get turned out.


  6. Mariah 90

    MC is not stupid she knows she haves a good thing that I can’t wait the album


  7. me

    please no


  8. JHP

    That Side Effects song they did was dope, and I’m sure this joint will be too. As long as she isn’t doing songs with people like Gucci, OJ, and Nicki (like that’ll ever happen again anyway lol), it’s cool. Drake is an excellent songwriter and one of the best at making R&B music actually, if Mariah got in the studio with him, I’m sure they could make a smash hit. I’d love to see her work with Cole and Kendrick too though. And a track with Hova again would be nice, I don’t think they’ve did an original song since Heartbreaker.


    zo Reply:

    @JHP, They did you get me on her Charmbracelet Cd.


  9. xedos

    these artist are wagonist everyone running to mike will. why? his tracks are weak the rihanna track is one of his best.this is why i respect rihanna. she tries new producers or writers on every album


  10. DLOC

    “Side Effects” is perhaps MC’s edgiest track, certainly the angry, revealing lyrics and her up-front,low key vocals are both dazzling and devastating.The song takes Mariah in a new, adult direction so yes, MORE OF THE SAME PLEASE!!


    James Reply:

    @DLOC, Yeah, I agree with that one. Side Effects was sort of like her Fantasy remix of the 2000s. I just wish that in general she kept the hip hop to a minimum. Her earliest work circa 1990-1998 is still her best.


  11. Mickey

    Urban performers (and producers) apparently like to work on their albums up until the last moment as opposed to releasing the album after like 4 months or something.Who knows what`s it good for…


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  13. RoastBeef

    Miguel is the Executive Producer. The album is not called The Art of Letting Go.


    DRB Reply:

    @RoastBeef, what, huh, source, who are you


    Adrian Reply:

    @RoastBeef, Girl bye.


    D to the R down to the j Reply:

    @RoastBeef, you make No sense @ all so shut up bye


  14. D to the R down to the j

    Can’t wait to hear what Mariah & Jeezy got


  15. bibi93

    I wish it will good


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