Meek Mill Joins J. Cole in Philly, Pays Tribute to Lil Snupe

Meek Mill and J. Cole

J. Cole surprised NYC with Drake on Wednesday. During his “Dollar & A Dream” tour stop in Philadelphia on Friday night, Cole brought out Philly’s own Meek Mill, who performed his new single “Levels” as Cole provided ad-libs.

Meek shouted out the Roc Nation MC and declared his album Born Sinner “the hottest album out of the year.” He also paid tribute to his 18-year-old protégé Lil Snupe, who was shot and killed earlier this week.

“I want to take one second to give a fu**ing rest in peace shout-out to my dawg, Lil Snupe,” said Meek. “My young ni**a lost his life early in the game and I want to send a blessing to him and his whole motherfu**in’ family.”

He asked the crowd to “turn up” for Snupe before continuing with “Dreams and Nightmares Intro.”


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  1. 2 chainz stan

    Meek is a flop


  2. Ice

    If Meek really cared about Lil Snupe and his family then he wouldn’t use profanity in his dedication. That’s just ignorant.


    Fuck Haters Reply:

    @Ice, Meek is saying whats on his brain and thats pain. He just want everybody know bout lil snupe tragedy. thats just Real Shit I guess yall cannot handel that


    Grant Reply:

    @Ice, You took the words right out of my life. Thank you.


  3. Janae

    Exactly @ Ice so ignorant and low class


  4. D to the R down to the j

    that nice of Meek mill and he will fail rap career Rip to Lil snupe 18 year old young rapper who got killed over a game 100$ against a 36 year old man


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