Kelly Rowland Talks Abusive Relationship, Blue Ivy, & Her New Man on ‘Wendy Williams’

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland sat down with Wendy Williams on Monday’s show and no topic was off limits—from her wigs to her crush on “X Factor” co-judge Simon Cowell and even her breast implants.

The conversation inevitably turned to “Dirty Laundry,” Beyoncé, and her abusive ex.

“I was in a relationship that was so hard on me,” Kelly said of the relationship, which lasted three-and-a-half-to-four years.

But she is in a good place now and has found love. “He’s just a good guy and I’m just very happy,” she said of her new boyfriend.

When she gets together with her Destiny’s Child bandmates, they love to eat. “When we get together, it’s all about food.”

Kelly was all smiles when speaking about Blue Ivy, who calls her K. But when Wendy asked her if Beyoncé is pregnant with a second child, she put her in her place. “Stop it!” she told the gossip queen.

Watch the full interview below.

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  1. Mk

    Stop her kelly


  2. Kate

    She is so beautiful, cute and she has amazing personality


  3. Bx

    Happy for Kelly. It’s unfortunate that in every interview she does people have to ask for some reunion or dish on Beyonce, and the focus goes away from her. And also doing these XFactor gigs while in midst of a new album is really bad for her. I know the checks are good, but I would like to see her singles up as high as that money, cause the last album was a one hit wonder.


    Ex Reply:

    @Bx, She needs to build her world with a different taste of sound.


  4. Jake

    Blue calls her ‘K’ because she can’t say ‘maid’ yet.


    Lea Reply:

    @Jake, shut the hell up,you idiot!


    lala Reply:

    @Jake, haha great!! :)


    Jay-Me Reply:

    @Jake, Lmao!


    Thor Reply:

    @Jake, lol that was hilarious! Lol!


    D to the R down to the J Reply:

    @Jake, ooh damn right LOL


    nandamedeiros_ Reply:

    @Jake, OH MY GOD HAHAHAHAHAHAHA just spit off the juice I was drinkin


  5. M

    I think she’s with Trey Songz


  6. Kelly Rowland: Wendy Williams Show Video: Full Interview June 24, 2013 | Shallow Nation

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  7. D to the R down to the J

    Nice interview that is good that she’s in a better Relationship now


  8. Girl Bye

    OMG im so tired of her! stop talking about beyonce, jay z, or blue IVY,..focus on your wonder it flopped


  9. AzealiaBanksIggyAzaleaFAN

    Kelly looks dope here. And lmao @ Wendy asking her about tits and is Bey preggo again. LMAO Wendy is the best! She keeps asking all those private questions, good job Wendy! And good job Kelly, you were interesting.

    But isn’t it weird how her gesticulations and laughing are EXACT THE SAME as Beyonce’s. Who’s copying who? Or they are just so close that they look like each other??? WTF?


  10. Wow

    Blue Ivy’s That Old Already? Oh.


  11. Ex

    @BX, u are on point.. She can do more than that. But She is just lost. She Doesn’t want to explore more beyond the brand DESTINY’S CHILD. That’s her problem.


  12. ladyjpzy

    Kelly u are awesome. Keep your head up and squares and haters out yo circle….


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